Video Review of Cool-N-Save Heat Pump Energy Saver

I’ve mentioned a little unit that I purchased to see if I could lower our energy consumption from one of our heat pumps. It is a little device called the Cool-N-Save and it operates by cooling the air that flows over the fins of the heat pump. You can read the study conducted by Tulane University on the Cool-N-Save unit.

The idea is that since the heat pump can get cooler air passing over the coils to cool the refrigerant inside the heat pump that it will decrease the time the condenser unit runs and save electricity. I can tell you from monitoring the electric load of the condenser units that they pull almost as much power as the electric over does when they are on. And that’s about 2.75 kWh of power. That’s a lot. Every minute the condenser in the heat pump does not run, saves me money.

I’m not quite sure why the video got a bit jumpy on the final rendering. It might not be perfect, but it’s certainly good enough to show you the unit.

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4 thoughts on “Video Review of Cool-N-Save Heat Pump Energy Saver”

  1. I want to echo Lee’s remarks. Initially, immediately after I installed CoolNSave, I estimated savings of about 12%, then I had my AC unit serviced (full clean, recharge, tweaks) and the savings went up to about 20%. I take the unit in during off season (I use Velcro plus a zip tie instead of the sticky pad). It’s a great little invention. I hope this helps other people who are trying to cut back on expenses (my main goal).


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