Marisa Asks “What If I Just Change My Mailing Address?”

Marisa wrote in and asked the following question.

My dad is in deep debt and his mailbox is loaded with bills and notices. it is stressing him out.

I was thinking of having his mail redirected to my house to easy his worry and then start acting on his behalf. What do you think about that?


Honestly, I think it is a bad idea. Changing where his mail lands does not resolve or address his issue, it is just a misdirection tactic.

Worse yet, doing such a thing, especially with you calling from your phone on his behalf, will most certainly get your address and phone number in computers associated with his account. If his accounts get significantly delinquent and collections companies start hunting for him, using your information they could make calls to your neighbors. I’m sure that’s not what you want.

Rather than change where his mail is delivered let’s address the realities of his financial situation head-on and put a solution in place that will actually resolve the problem, not mask it.

Please write back, using the form at and give me some more details about his situation so we can fix it.


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