We Are About to Lose Our Home and My Husband Won’t Talk to Me About It. – Jeanette


“Dear Steve,

We are about to lose our home $10,000 in the hole my husband has not talked to me i just found out in the mail he takes care of the bills he lost his self employment is now working for someone else I know this is a big change for him a big pay cut I know things are on his mind bad he don’t talk just says there is alot on his mind my husband has done things for our family for 32 years I would like for him to know there is help how do we hold on.


Dear Jeanette,

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These are difficult times for proud people. I suspect that your husband is stuck in the first stage of debt, denial.

He sounds like he is working hard to try to make ends meet, probably so he does not disappoint you and let you down.

There are two courses of action you could take. The first would be to sit down with him and let him know you are aware of what is going on. You would like to help to be part of the solution and you are willing to do whatever you can to work to find a solution for the problem.

The second approach would be for you to get a copy of your consolidated credit report. The link is for the one I use myself and love. You could then uncover what the true condition of your financial situation is and sit down with that information and tell him you’ve got the facts and you are going to take over dealing with the creditors.

I prefer the first approach. A solution based on communication and understanding works better than one based in confrontation.

Once you do that,

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