I Was Sentenced to Prison For My Debt in Dubai. – Asif


“Dear Steve,

Hi I have a loan in a local bank in Dubai and due to some overdue they filed a case against me and i was taken to the police custody and i came out by depositing my passport, after that i was called to the dubai courts for first hearing and i was sentenced for a 1 month imprisonment, i again appealed in the court and they have given the second hearing which they have given on 24th sept 2009, i am in an idea to pay the over due and ask for a no objection letter from the bank and to produce the same in the court and get release and to release my passport from the police.

Meantime the collection agency called me and asked me to pay at least one installment today any how in order to avoid any further consequences, i told them i have time till 24th sept to sort out the issue but still they need one payment or else they are saying that they will block my name in the system and i have to pay the full amount 54000 dirhams to close the case..

i am just worried about this i am staying with my family and i dont know what to do, can u please suggest me something and guide me accordingly?


Dear Asif,

The problem here is that now that the courts have your passport and have taken some action against you, the bank and collector have the leverage.

You might want to try to contact the local bank directly, make an appointment to go in and meet face-to-face and explain how you want to repay this debt in a manner you can afford.

As long as you can present yourself in a calm manner and discuss the situation with a promise and ability to bring the loan current, they may accept that payment. They may not.

The collector is hired to not be nice or accommodating to you. They are there to scare and pressure you and it sounds as if they are doing that part of their job well.

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If you can demonstrate you have the capability to resume your normal payments and bring your account current, your proposal sounds reasonable. But it takes a meeting of the minds of both parties for there to be an agreement.

What is unknown is how many times before people have presented the same sort of solution, received their passport back, and then fled the country. If that has happened before, the bank may be less willing to entertain such a solution in order to keep you around to pay.

You can always contact a lawyer in Dubai for legal advice about your situation.

By the way, how were you treated at the court appointment? What was the hearing like?


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4 thoughts on “I Was Sentenced to Prison For My Debt in Dubai. – Asif”

  1. Hi Steve,

    I had the same Dubai debt story just like thousands before me.

    Question is. My outstanding is below 500,000 dhs. Can I still travel to any GCC or have to wait for 3 years until the case is dropped by court. Dubai follows the Egyptian law extracted from the French as far as I know. And after 3 years case drops if defaulter is unarrested. I am currently living in a country that doesn’t cooperate or entertain any of this or handover defaulters.

    • Hi saed,

      Have u managed to travel to another gcc country? I have the exact situation as you, you reply would be highly appreciated.


  2. I was a lot satisfied, and well understood the situation also. Please note i was treated well in the court and then after they sentenced they took to the court jail and kept me ther for 3 to four hours till my wife appeals for the re appearing. then they let me out.

    Hearing is nothing as far as i am concerned because they did not hear me properly but the translator told the judge about the case and judge asked when u will pay it i asked the translator for a time of two to three weeks to pay the overdue amount only and he also told the judge the same, but the judge asked us to wait and then they bought a paper saying the judgement paper and it was written as 1 month imprisonment. then my wife proceeded for appeal.

    hope above clariies yr questions and confusion..


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