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Even Rich Kids Need to Learn How to Handle Money in a Bad Economy

In uncertain economic times, money troubles and worries are not limited to middle class incomes and lower, even the high flying richy rich families and parents are worried about how to pass on good messages and education about making ends meet.

But the rich and the not-so-rich do have something in common this summer: worrying about their children’s financial future. This may come as a shock to those middle-class Americans who imagine wealthy parents sunning themselves by their infinity pools, confident that their children, having been given every opportunity, are on their way to productive lives.

In truth, the image is fairly rare at this point. What is more common among the wealthy is their fear that the lives their children have known, and the futures they expected, may be gone.

Read the full article at the NYT.


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  • Bad Economy

    If I get rich, I will tell you how it works out. :)

  • Bad Economy

    It is amazing that even rich kids need to learn to live within their means, although their means are more than others.
    .-= Bad Economy´s last blog ..US Visitors To Pay For Bailout =-.

  • Rosalindaescovillo

    Bloody hell, hope you realize that you give wrong information to Filipinos.

  • Rosalindaescovillo

    To all readers, please don’t be misinformed through bloody hell’s advice. Expand your research and you will realize that all the information written by bloody hell are all false, without legal basis.

  • Freddie Kruegger

    Bloody hell is a collector/agent…. 

  • Freddie Kruegger

    How can a Foreign Bank file a case in the Philippines? How can a foreign bank (bounced) cheque can be presented as a valid evidence in our local courts???

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