How to Afford to Go Back to School as an Adult

Adults are going back to school for lots of different reasons these days, including career changes, keeping up with developments in their field, learning new skills, and personal enrichment. At many colleges, students may be senior executives, retirees, or working moms. Going back to school when you’re older, whether it’s to get an advanced degree, … Read more

Is Financial Education for Students Really An Effective Solution?

Students in a classroom

As someone that deals with the aftermath of the financial mess, my answer will surprise you. Yes, there should be classes, but it is NOT a vaccination against financial problems, but it might be part of a longer-term multifaceted solution. My observation is that teaching personal finance in high school is a bit like requiring … Read more

Deceptive Answers Given to Seniors With Debt

by Eric Olsen, attorney and Executive Director HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm I recently read a question on a website that helped persons with credit card debt. The answer given is typical of the deceptive, incomplete, and false answers many websites and their experts provide to seniors with financial problems. Here is the question posed from … Read more

Financial Literacy is a Dumb Waste of Time and Money Because It Just Doesn’t Work

Financial literacy – the most misunderstood and abused good intention. It is alarming how we love simple solutions for complex problems. We want politicians to solve our ills in a soundbite and we want money problems to go away with a class. The reality is neither of those solutions is ever going to work. I … Read more

Did the CFPB Just Totally Blow Off CCCS and NFCC?

I could not help but notice an absence of some familiar faces in an announcement by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) today on financial education. The CFPB announced an inspired national project to help those most in need to get more education about managing their finances. You would have expected the National Foundation for … Read more

How to Get Out of Debt Without Getting Scammed and What to Do if You Have Been

I just published my latest free ebook titled “How to Get Out of Debt Without Getting Scammed and What to Do if You Have Been.” Book Description It’s tough enough to have to face financial problems, but how do you make sure you can trust someone to help you? This book gives you clear instructions … Read more

Helanie Olen Talks About Bad Advice by Suze Orman, David Bach and Dave Ramsey

Author Helanie Olen has recently released a new book title Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry. In this book she discusses the blind faith of many to follow the personal finance advice of popular financial gurus without question. She also talks about the issues surrounding financial literacy and the fallacies … Read more

U.S. Government Teaches Kids to Save Money by Stealing Twitter Bird and Not Drinking Juice or Soda recently published these comics designed to teach kids all about learning ways to save money. The first is aimed at younger kids with an interesting message that you can buy stuff you really want if you use your own money. It struck me as an interesting message since it seems to be a tacit … Read more

Leslie Linfield from Institute for Financial Literacy is Looking for Donors

I just received the following letter from The Institute for Financial Literacy. They are looking for donations to support financial literacy for seniors. If you feel compelled to assist her in her efforts, please reach out directly to the Institute for Financial Literacy at The Request I am writing to let you know about … Read more

You Are Cordially Invited To The FTC’s Road Ahead Roundtable

Today, the Federal Trade Commission will host the third in a series of roundtables around the country to gather information on consumers’ experiences in the leasing of motor vehicles at dealerships. The roundtable also will address what has been learned about auto sales, financing and leasing at all of the roundtables; what consumer and business … Read more

Hey Parents! Teach Your Kids About Credit

Unless parents decide to make a concerted effort to begin teaching children about credit, our nation’s children might become victims of a system that is deceptive, manipulative, and cloaked in mystery. Our banks, educational institutions, and government officials do not make information about credit easily accessible. They do not tell us that no credit is … Read more