Bank of America Sent Me to CCCS and They Rejected Me. – Loretta


“Dear Steve,

Am about $50,000 in credit card debt. To date I have made payments (Help of my son) but it is getting harder. Was considering a debt management but would like a name of a good honest one. Chase bank did work out a repay plan but Bank of America will not. Sent me to their cccs and I was rejected. I want to pay without bankrupcy because i own a house. Any info would be appreciated.


Dear Loretta,

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Well since you contacted credit counseling and they were not able to help you I assume that your current financial situation will not support a creditor mandated minimum payment in a debt management plan.

Your options if that is the case are limited. But you know, bankruptcy does not mean you lose the house. You can go bankrupt and keep your house. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will let you make your mortgage payment and pay the creditors what is affordable after that.

Rather than assume that bankruptcy will mean the loss of your home, go see a local bankruptcy attorney and get a free bankruptcy consultation to talk about your situation.

Outside of that, the only other long-shot option you have is to see if you can possibly get an unsecured debt consolidation loan through LendingClub and that would give you lower interest rates, a lower monthly payment and help you to avoid bankruptcy.

But one thing is for certain, allowing your son to keep pouring money into this situation is not a good solution.

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