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How Can I Get Caught Up on Back Payments When I Don’t Make Enough Money to Get By On? – Kenneth


“Dear Steve,

I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy a little over 2 years ago. I was laid off last December and could not find work for 6 months. I am back working now but am behind in almost all of my payments, most notable child support and owe income taxes from last year. I had to borrow money during this time to live on and now have those payments as well.

How can I ever manage to get caught back up on back payments when I am not making enough money to get by on?


Dear Kenneth,

The answer is that you can’t. And the two primary debts that you owe, child support and taxes, are among the most important to take care of. Child support debts can land you in jail and tax debts can result in big fees and get your wages garnished. Actually both debts can wind up in a wage garnishment.

While you should certainly focus on increasing income or reducing expenses, you might want to contact child support in your area and see if your payment can’t be adjusted because of your new salary.


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