Missouri Attorney General Goes After Portfolio Recovery Associates and Professional Debt Management

Attorney General Chris Koster today filed suit against two debt collection companies that are operating scams to collect debts from citizens who do not owe the money.

Koster filed law suits in St. Louis against Portfolio Recovery Associates, a public company based in Virginia, and Professional Debt Management located in Kansas City.

Koster said Portfolio buys old and bankruptcy-discharged debt, often from another bad debt buyer, and then tries to collect, sometimes through court action. He said the company often is attempting to collect on accounts that are already paid or have been discharged in bankruptcy; sometimes they try to collect from the wrong consumer or for the wrong amounts. He said the company has threatened to garnish consumers’ social security checks, which they have no authority to do, and has refused to provide consumers with proof that the debt is valid.

Koster said Professional Debt Management uses scare tactics, leaving messages on consumers’ phones that there is an emergency. He said that like Portfolio, they attempt to collect on accounts already paid or from the wrong party.

“The Attorney General’s office intends to take aggressive action to protect Missouri consumers,” Koster said. “I am asking the court to issue a permanent injunction prohibiting these companies from violating consumer protection laws and to order that they provide full restitution to the people they have harmed.”

Koster also is asking that the court impose monetary penalties and require the companies to pay all court costs.


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Steve Rhode

2 thoughts on “Missouri Attorney General Goes After Portfolio Recovery Associates and Professional Debt Management”

  1. For the last few years – I have been receiving harassing
    letters from the portfolio recovery associates. I DO NOT
    OWE THEM ANY DAMNED MONEY !!! However – they got my social
    security number through ILLEGAL MEANS! I am the survivor
    of a bankruyptcy , foreclosure, and eviction. Please feel
    free to e-mail me – so you can tell me how to FIGHT AND
    Thank You !

  2. People at this company continue to call me to collect a debt from someone with a similar, but not exact name as I. The residence history is different too. Very aggressive, threatening and interrogate like the KGB. When I tell them this, they accuse me of lying. After checking them out on the internet, it is apparent that they are predators that prey on poorer and unsophisticated people that can’t fight back. Wealthy people have attorney s ot deal with this stuff. They need to be shut down! Since it operates across state lines, it is a Federal thing. Contact your Senator and Congressman and demand action! Obama is for the little guy so send emails to the Whitehouse too. Let get it done!


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