I’m Waiting For My Mortgage Modification to Be Reviewed by Bank of America. – Noel


“Dear Steve,

I am an officer for the State of California, and lost 15% $1,100 of my income and it’s caused a hardship because we can’t afford our payment now. It was tough anyway, but after that it’s became impossible.

We’ve sent in all the information you advised and a check for what we can afford to pay Bank of America, how long before we here from them about a modification?


Dear Noel,

Bank of America has a number of very unhappy mortgage loan modification customers. It is common to hear complaints of long wait times, lost documentation, or poor customer service.

My best advice is for you to call and nag them each day for an update and a response. Outside of that, response times are just the luck of the draw.

I’ve got a call into Bank of America and as soon as I hear back on what an expected response time should be I’ll post it in the comments section to this question.

Please update me on your progress by

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