My Bank is Stringing Me Alone to Modify My Mortgage in HARP. – Maryanne

“Dear Steve, We have a fannie mae loan that is serviced by Bank of America. Last year when we realized we were not going to continue with payments we contacted the bank and filled out a modification form. We were turned down because our loan was not imminent. We were then told by our customer … Read more

Bank of America Says They Will Modify Our Loan But Won’t Give Us Details. – Julie

When we bought our home 8 years ago, we got an 80/20 loan from Countrywide for interest rates in the 8% range. We have been working with B of A, or trying to, for almost a year now to mocify our loan as they said we didn’t qualify for any of the government programs. They … Read more

We’ve Been Fighting with Bank of America for a Loan Modification. Do We Need to Hire a Loan Modification Company. – Mike

“Dear Andy, Really to long to type here. Been in a battle to keep our home for the last 16 months against Bank of American. Last month won a court dismissal for the foreclosure and am now trying to get the loan modification. Was denied for the hemp due to being told they didn’t receive … Read more

Bank of America Won’t Talk to Us About Our Loan Modification. – Barbara

“Dear Steve, I have written to you before and you were most helpful. Thanks I got married 2 yrs ago and one or both of us has been unemployed for most of that time. Our home is in my husband’s name as he bought it back from his x-wife three years ago. My husband is … Read more

Bank of America Refused our Loan Modification. – Mary

“Dear Steve, I would like to provide you with our hardship letter. We have suffered serious personal financial crisis, due to loss income. In July 2008, my spouse lost his job as the Director of a nonprofit organization, (85k per year plus car pmt and all medical paid, etc.), due to the many cutbacks in … Read more

Are The Banks Getting Paid Off or Kickbacks to Not Modify Loans? – Vicki

“Dear Steve, My house was sold for $80,000.00 under what I originally paid for it. B of A was giving me the run around. I am off work due to work injury, I started to “try” to talk to B of A before I fell behind on my payment. I filled out paperwork 3 or … Read more

Bank of America Has Ignored My Requests for a Loan Modification. – Patti

“Dear Steve, Single mom, monthly bills have increased greatly; no salary increasse for three years; helping son through college; recent breast cancer survivor. Bank of America has ignored my requests for a loan modification. I owe $145,000. and my home is worth at best $80,000. I get paid twice a month with one check covering … Read more

I’m Waiting For My Mortgage Modification to Be Reviewed by Bank of America. – Noel

Noel “Dear Steve, I am an officer for the State of California, and lost 15% $1,100 of my income and it’s caused a hardship because we can’t afford our payment now. It was tough anyway, but after that it’s became impossible. We’ve sent in all the information you advised and a check for what we … Read more