If I Go to Jail in Dubai For Bad Debts Will My Debt Be Cleared? – Katrina


“Dear Steve,

I’m still one of the lucky employees here in Dubai who has their job right now. But I’m stuck with bad debt for my credit card and loan. My current salary is not enough to pay my dues,even how hard i try to budget it… I have plans before to just leave UAE, and back to my home country. But, i know that it will be more complicated, because there is shortage of employment in my country.

Now, i’m really stuck in here…the banks are always threatening me, and i’m really stresses and frightened, so i usually ignore their calls , because they are not going to listen on you. What they wanted is just produce the money that they need on which way you could. It’s really affecting me…

It has come to the point where in i could sleep.. and it affects my job.. After months of stress from the bank, i started to feel numb.I have prepared my self for the worst.. ending up into jail… I just need to know if i will be in jail, and sentence the terms decided by the court will my debt be cleared?

I heard a lot of rumors and In fact a friend of mine, when she was in jail for same case, after 2 months, all her debts are waived. And she was not deported in to our home country. And now she’s looking for a job.

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Please let me know, if i served the prison for my case for bad debt will it be waived off? And will i be deported after the jailed terms? Is there any pro bono lawyer here in Dubai, who can i asked for advise?


Dear Katrina,

I had not heard about debts being cleared with prison. You will really need to check with a lawyer in the UAE. I wish I had more information for you, but I don’t.

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