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If I Go to Jail in Dubai For Bad Debts Will My Debt Be Cleared? – Katrina


“Dear Steve,

I’m still one of the lucky employees here in Dubai who has their job right now. But I’m stuck with bad debt for my credit card and loan. My current salary is not enough to pay my dues,even how hard i try to budget it… I have plans before to just leave UAE, and back to my home country. But, i know that it will be more complicated, because there is shortage of employment in my country.

Now, i’m really stuck in here…the banks are always threatening me, and i’m really stresses and frightened, so i usually ignore their calls , because they are not going to listen on you. What they wanted is just produce the money that they need on which way you could. It’s really affecting me…

It has come to the point where in i could sleep.. and it affects my job.. After months of stress from the bank, i started to feel numb.I have prepared my self for the worst.. ending up into jail… I just need to know if i will be in jail, and sentence the terms decided by the court will my debt be cleared?

I heard a lot of rumors and In fact a friend of mine, when she was in jail for same case, after 2 months, all her debts are waived. And she was not deported in to our home country. And now she’s looking for a job.

Please let me know, if i served the prison for my case for bad debt will it be waived off? And will i be deported after the jailed terms? Is there any pro bono lawyer here in Dubai, who can i asked for advise?


Dear Katrina,

I had not heard about debts being cleared with prison. You will really need to check with a lawyer in the UAE. I wish I had more information for you, but I don’t.

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Please update me on your progress by posting updates here in the comments section of your question. I’m very interested in how this works out for you.


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  • Hi Steve,

    Thank you for this post. I would like to know if there are any new reforms in terms of the law in UAE for debt collection.

    My wife has two credit cards and a personal loan on her name FGB, Mashreq (Credit Cards) and EmiratesNBD personal loan.

    The time when she received the FGB credit card she was employed in a different company than now and her salary was 12400 AED. She was unemployed for 6 months since August 2016 – February 2017, during which we have borrowed money (for interest) from all of our known sources and kept the payment for all her liabilities intact. From February 2017 she is employed in a new company where her salary is only 7000 AED and still we have been making all her payments until last month, which has crippled us financially as all the additional money is by taking loans from our contacts.

    However, now we are out of all options to pay the bank . We really want to payback the bank all that we owe but in order to do so we had requested for a restructuring / Settlement option that is affordable in our current situation. We haven’t received a positive note from anyone except for threatening calls and emails saying there will be legal implications.

    EmiratesNBD has been responding to us and they say that they are in the process of approval to restructure our personal loan. We have not missed any payment for EmiratesNBD yet which is AED 5217.

    The other two cards, we have missed two payments until now and we have been trying to speak to the bank to get a settlement or restructuring. However, all we get as a response is pay the outstanding and we will think of restructuring and multiple calls in a day to pay the outstanding.

    We have had the cards for more than 4 years and have never missed out on a payment. We are really clueless of what to do and do not know what will be the legal implications to this. Looking for some guidance on what can be our next steps or how we can deal this situation.

    Rajesh B

  • Hello Everyone,

    My friend has taken RAK bank credit in year 2008 when we worked together in same company Dubai and he given my details as reference, In 2011 i change my job to another company and i don’t have any contact with that guy. recently banks are started calling me for his debt. and i try to contact him and i understood he left the country and debt in 2 RAK bank credit cards. Yesterday bank has called me again and ask me to make the payment behalf of him.and they said they are going for legal actions. I am worried it may affect me ?? they can stop me at airport although i have RAK bank credit card and payment and everything is on time.
    someone please help me out.


  • Dear JIL,

    well i have pretty much the same situation as everybody on this page and your comment was helpful, but I still have some more questions about it and seems like you are kinda an expert in this,

    I have a debt with three banks (Assuming Dunia Finance is a bank), the total of two personal loans and one credit card so the amount is about +80k give or take,

    now Dunia just contacted me saying that they will file a case against me within two days if i don’t pay, and I don’t need to tell about my situation at work and that I’m broke with no money to do anything in this country,

    what’s gonna happen once they file the case? will the CID come and knock on my door? and let’s say they didn’t come to me, should I wait for the other 2 more banks to file their cases and go by myself to the police station?

    please note that I’m on a father resident visa here so is there a chance that they might go after my father? which is something I really don’t want to happen as I don’t live with my parents and they don’t know anything about my debts and no they can’t pay it off for me because my dad has a really small salary,

    I’d really appreciate if you can answer my questions soon as I’m living this dilemma now between leaving the country (I don’t even have money for the ticket) or going to jail (no idea what will be waiting for me inside /I’m a girl! /) so yah that’s pretty much everything about my case,

    HELP !

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