My Husband Was In The Hospital And Then Lost his Job. – Belinda


“Dear Steve,

Hello,My husband was in the hospital and then lost his job. We are 2 months behind on our mortgage and3 months on other bills. He is back to work but it seems nearly impossible to catch up. I am also employed full time.

Where should I turn for help. Debt relief companys doesn’t seem to be the way to go and I even went to a bankruptcy lawyer but they are too expensive,want the money up front,and takes alot of time and a lot of paperwork and cost just getting the info and paper work they want. So where and what do I do. Please help us if you can. Thanks


Dear Belinda,

Sadly, you are a prime candidate to get suckered into some scam debt solution.

Real solutions, like bankruptcy, are delivered by licensed professionals. It is a process. It takes time.

People that will promise you instant relief will probably try to sell you debt settlement, an up-front fee loan, or credit counseling. The credit counseling route is only valid if you can afford at least your current monthly minimum payment. Which I bet you can’t.

If anyone says they have a solution that is easy, quick, and does not require paperwork, remember these words, it’s a scam.

Please update me on your progress by The Secret of Surviving Through Difficult Economic Times. What I Learned On My Journey‘.

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  1. So I guess you are saying that bankruptcy is the only solution for us,right?Would chapter 7 or 13 be better. The bankruptcy lawyer said 7 was our best bet.I just don’t have the $1300.00 they want to get the job done.If I did I amy not have to do this.


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