Should I Stop Making My Car Payments? I’m Depressed and Hate My Job.

“Dear Steve,

I’m 27 year old single guy, currently working in an IT company, however these past few months has been a depressing experience, the first few months were fine and assuming that I will stay with the company, I bought a new car.

The commute is almost 2 hours (one way). To cut it short, I hate the job, I’ve broken down in tears many times, felt depressed (although i kept denying it) even did a few online depression test.

I’ve not obtained a new job yet but have been applying. Although I did submit my resignation letter and it has been confirmed. The job is ok, but its stagnant, boring, the hours is stressing (10 hours a day), the salary is fairly good, but i’m just not happy.

I love writing about sports, audio and video editing and anything related to learning.

So i have decided to pursue these things, however the big barrier is my car installments, my monthly bill come out to $200 includes insurance, education loan and car installment.

In addition, i just cant stand working in an office anymore. just hate it. I love learning new skills, if i can get paid to study history, i would do it! Currently, i live with my parents (yes). Both my parents are working as well as my brother.

Should I let go of the car? I’m just extremely worried about this year.

Car Guy”

Dear Car Guy,

My first thought is you sound like a classic example of someone I describe in my article The Fine Art of Getting Out of Debt.

Your debt and decisions about what you want to do have nothing to do with your finances. Your financial conundrum is the byproduct of your underlying life issues. That might also include some mental health concerns.

It sounds like depression might play a role in your life at the moment. I’d talk to your doctor or find a mental health professional to talk to and help you deal with those feelings. Until you do, the finances are going to be haphazard.

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Depression is nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about. It’s something to get help for.

Until you tackle the core of this problem, no job is going to hold you for long. I know plenty of beat writers that are not in love with their jobs and get paid almost nothing for the privilege of writing.

You’ve just learned that financial commitments are really just the pledge of future labor, for which you are paid. You have an obligation to repay those debts and must work some job to earn the money to do it.

A chapter 7 bankruptcy will discharge the car loan liability after you hand the car back to the lender. And without the car you won’t have the car insurance bill. But you also might be without transportation to go and cover those things you want to write about.

While I’d love for you to fall into a job that is going to be wildly stimulating and always interesting, life doesn’t seem to work like that.

One day I asked a very successful salesperson at IBM why he felt so happy all the time and loved his job. He told me, “Steve, it’s all an act. You know that song Tears of a Clown? That’s how I really feel everyday.”

Yes, that’s very sad but the reality is work means the employer pays you to do some job they need to have done. You are being paid for your labor, not your pleasure. For many, work sucks. Enjoying your job day after day is the less common outcome.

If you are working for someone and feel bored or hate it then approach your boss and ask what additional duties you can take on. See if you can grow in the company.

All that being said, a commute of two hours each way is not the smartest decision to make.

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I stand by my initial advice that you first need to address your feelings of depression. But the second thing you can do is get another job that is closer, pay your bills, and in your spare time get some experience writing.

Contact your local paper and volunteer to cover sports stories for them. Write for free for a local community website and just get some experience. I know guys who do just that sort of thing on the side.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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