Debt Settlement Industry – Sued in RICO Complaint

It what I can only describe as a bombshell of an email, apparently debt relief industry individuals received the email below from Ira Frazer of Consumer Legal Services America, that has explosive implications.

The email reads like a conference listing of both sides of the debt settlement industry.

I reached out to Ira Frazer yesterday for more information but as of the time of publication I have not heard back. There is also nothing publicly available yet on the federal court website.

The Email

Subject: Greenspoon Marder, Global Client Solutions and Scott Law Group sued in RICO lawsuit

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Dear Debt Settlement Industry Professional:

The purpose of this e-mail is to advise you late Friday we filed a lawsuit in the Federal District Court in Western Washington against the Scott Law Group, all of the lawyers in the Scott Law Group, Greenspoon Marder LLP, individual Greenspoon Marder lawyers including Robby Birnbaum, Global Client Solutions, LLC and a number of employees of Global Client Solutions, LLC including Michael Hendrix and Kristie Howe.

As you know, the Scott Law Group has brought class action lawsuits against many companies in the industry. The vast majority of those who sued caved and made substantial payments. We have taken a stand without support from anyone. We believe there is a conspiracy, bankruptcy fraud and abuse of process.

The suit filed also includes serious allegations against Global Client Solutions, LLC some of their employees, Greenspoon Marder and some of their lawyers. The ramifications of the allegations go well beyond the cases filed by the Scott Law Group. Some of the allegations against Greenspoon Marder and/or Global Client Solutions include breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, malpractice, serious conflicts of interest and conspiracy.The lawsuit also covers issues that are on the advance agenda for AFCC meeting in New Orleans and should be covered in remarks by Mr. Birnbaum and Mr. Hendrix. Undoubtedly, the lawsuit filed could turn out to be the most significant matter ever filed involving the debt settlement industry and could have a very profound impact. If you want to see a copy of the lawsuit you can obtain a copy next week from the Federal District Court’s website.


Ira Frazer

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