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My Wife is Mentally Disabled. Can Her Student Loans Be Forgiven?

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

My wife graduated in 2001 B.a. degree music. Accumulating $154,000 student loans.
She has been on permanent disability since 2000. Benefits of $547 month. I am 70 work to maintain medical insurance income $2000 month. We have filed bankruptcy twice due to long term medical bills. last time Jan 2010. My wife has attempted to work twice since 2000, each time failed. Her disability is mental.

Can we file for bankruptcy again after 2017 to discharge student loans. Our income at that time will only be ss & ssdi.

WE curently are on an IBR total payments of $89.

Thank you your advice



Dear John,

I think before you do anything you should look at the Total and Permanent Disability Discharge that would be available on federal student loans. From what you shared, she sounds as if she would qualify. Click here for more information.

There are several ways to qualify for the student loan elimination and it sounds as if she would easily qualify for more than one of the ways to qualify for loan forgiveness.

I would certainly exhaust that method first, since it would a free and easier way to wipe the loans off.

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