Four Years Later, Consumers Get Pennies From Debt Relief Scam

Four years ago now the California Department of Justice swooped in an shut down an enterprise they claimed was taking advantage of consumers who were seeking mortgage modification or actions against the mortgage company. More can be read here.

The parties named in the original action included: Attorneys Processing Center, LLC, also doing business as Attorney Processing Center, and Processing Center; Data Management, LLC; Home Retention Division; Law Offices of Kramer and Kaslow, also doing business as K2 Law, Mass Litigation Alliance, and Consolidated Litigation Group; Mesa Law Group Corp.; Mitchell J. Stein & Associates, Inc.; Mitigation Professionals, LLC, also doing business as K2 Law; Lewis Marketing Corp.; Pate, Marier and Associates, Inc.; Clarence Butt; Gary DiGirolamo; Philip Kramer; Ryan Marier; James Pate; Paul Petersen; Thomas Phanco; Glen Reneau; Mitchell Stein also doing business as Mitchell J. Stein & Associates; Bill Stephenson; Michael Tapia also doing business as Customer Solutions Group, and Home Retention Division; and, Christopher Van Son, also doing business as the Law Offices of Christopher J. Van Son, and Consolidated Litigation Group

As an example of how long it can take consumers to recover any money from closed companies, it took until yesterday for the court appointed receiver to be able to distribute any money. And was it worth the wait for consumers? You be the judge.

“The Court has approved the payment of $375 to each of the approved 1,707 Claimants listed in the Final Schedule of Approved Claims posted August 17, 2015. This payment represents a “per capita” distribution, approved by the Court at the outset, by which each approved claimant receives the same amount calculated by dividing the funds available by the number of approved Claimants. Checks will be sent out on or before October 2, 2015.” – Source

Again, consumer get pennies back after paying thousands and thousands of dollars.

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