1 thought on “Omni Management Partners Client Agreement Review Leaves Me Wondering”

  1. hello i am Sam, long story short, i met a girl, she said she needed help. but did not specifiy. To me she was great looking the down side she was rude to me.

    I took out 2 installment loans, 1 for 3,000 and the other for 2600. After paying the monthly fees for both loans and paying my own bills I got into deep water and fell behind. I looked for help. I found the CONSUMER RIGHTS Firm. Which is located in Florida. I gave my info and started paying $253.94 from december 31-2014 to November 2- 2015. I recieved a call saying there will be a change of servicing. I found out that in December the normal payment that was scheduled to come out Did Not Happen. I recieved many calls starting on December 9th asking the demanding payment of the $253.94. I was asked for a letter of hardship; in return I asked for a letter of Abuse. Since this issue happened in december of 2015 it got me to thinking, whats going on. Also I had recieved in the mail letters from a creditor on behalf of 1 of the installment companies. Offeing a settlement. I since then talked to the Omni Management and it seems I always get the run around. In janurary the payment came out on the 5th not the 2nd. Also in Feburary NO payment came out. When i talked to OMNI I was told it may take 3 to 5 business days. I talked to a Marie Wallace and she sent me a e-mail with a document asking for my banking information so that the payments would resume. I DID NOT SIGN IT nor Did i AUTHORIZE any payment to come out from my account in 2016. February 20th came along and a guy repensetive said that the payments would resume in March of 2016.
    I talked to Alan from Omni in the middle of Feburary and he asked if there anything he can do. I said I want a refund. I want my money back. I was told by Alan that he put in the redund request. March i called and was told he got transferred to another department.
    March came and then the 2nd came No money from OMNI or the (r.a.m.) was taken out. On MArch 11th I received an e-mail from my bank saying that there is a pending charge in the Amount of $253.94. I stopped the pending payment and the money was freed to my account.
    So far I have paid 12 payments which is approximately $3047.28.

    This month (march 2016) i have contacted the 2 installment loan places and was told I am the only person who has contacted them. with the exception of march 2015 when they received a letter from consumer rights firm but after that no other communication was made.

    Is there anything I can do to get my money back.


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