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Nationally Sanctioned Debt Reduction Initiative Mailer – Beware

Written by Steve Rhode

An amazing reader sent in a new debt relief mailer through my I Buy Junk Mail program.

These debt reductions mailer are infuriating to me. I mean let’s at least try to tell people the information in a way that can make some sort of logical sense. And it would be nice to see mailers that were open about being a sales pitch and not providing confusing information.

The mailer I received below claims to be from an unidentified non-profit group. The envelope says it was mailed by a non-profit mailer.


But the letter inside is deceptive in my opinion. It appears to look like an official mailer with it’s top layout and disclaimers. It claims to be about a “Nationally Sanctioned Debt Reduction Initiative.”

That’s a very interesting description since we don’t know who the company is behind this we don’t know if they are providing services nationally and there is no government program called the Nationally Sanctioned Debt Reduction Initiative.


The mailer says it was mailed to a Colorado resident. Colorado has a list of debt management services who are registered to do business there. The list can be found here. Is the company on that list? Who knows since they fail to tell us who they are.

Then there is the line, “U.S. Lending Institutions are allowing a limited number of individuals to participate in this Non-Profit 501c-3 creditor sponsored program.” I’m going to have to go with pants on fire on that line.

And for a group that claims to be a non-profit you would think they would know the designation is 501(c)(3) and not 501c-3. How good can the claims be if they are confused about their tax status designation?

The mailer says, “We encourage you to act fast as program guidelines only allow for a limited number of participants.” Now that would be a really good issue for a regulator or court to look into. I think that by this point, not only are your pants on fire but your underwear is as well. “Liar, liar.”

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“The program is backed by every major credit card provider in the country, it is not affiliated with Debt Settlement and is specifically designed to keep your Credit Score in excellent standing,” says the mailer. Awesome, but that seems to run afoul of the Credit Repair Organizations Act and we still don’t know specifically what the program is or who the company behind it is. Is this a credit counseling program? The mailer never says.

But while the mailer has been screaming this is a non-profit program, it’s not until the fine print where I actually laughed out loud. The mailer actually says, “Consumer may be referred to a Non-Profit or For-Profit Debt Relief Agency.” So the whole non-profit program thing is a lie? Or can the claim be the company sending you to a for-profit debt relief provider is a non-profit? See what I mean about it not making sense.

The fine print also says, “This offer is not associated with bankruptcy, debt consolidation loan, or debt settlement; it has been specifically designed to assist consumers with financial education, consumer benefits, reducing interest rates and payments or outstanding credit card debt, and reducing monthly obligations.”

So riddle me this, how can the mysterious program reduce the outstanding credit card debt but not be about debt settlement? And “consumer benefits” is a feature of this secretive program? LOL.

The sad part is someone will actually fall for this load of crap, call the number, and get sold the mystery program.

My advice to anyone who receives this mailer is to read the following free guides and then decide if you agree or disagree with my opinions. I’d love to hear your opinion on the mailer. Leave a comment below.

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This offer was able to be reviewed because a kind reader sent it in via my I Buy Junk Mail program.

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Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • I just got one today saying the same. I got scared cause it says amount you owe before I read the rest!! Almost gave me a heart attack. And reading the you will go to prison if you open it and thats not your name. OK right

  • Hello,
    I received the same letter and I live in California. Like you, I could not find a company name and decided to google “Nationally Sanctioned Debt Reduction” and I found your information. Thank you

  • I just got a letter. I’m so glad I read your take on it. I thought it was funny that there was no company name on it, that’s why I looked them up. Thanks for the info. Oh and I live in Arkansas.

  • I just received this mailer also…in Massachusetts. Same thing. I spotted it as scam right away when no company name was listed and, of course, the fine print says it all. Any time I receive any kind of offer like this I Google it right away. There are so many scams floating around out there and some are really convincing until you do your research! You can Google the telephone numbers of phone scammers also!!

    • I just received this mailer in Maine… I called the number from a blocked line to see who answered. A woman said her name but at no point was the name of the company identified. She asked for my Personal Case ID. I hung up. If no company is identified then they have something to hide… Glad I googled and located others who had the same experience.

  • I just received the same letter and can tell you, my letter is from a company that paid The Lending Tree for access to my information. I have been contemplating consolidation vs a loan for quite some time. I decided to attempt a loan from The Lending Tree. It is the only place that I have recently plugged my mailing address into, in relation to debt and low and behold, one week later this letter appears. I would like to note that I was disapproved for the loan by The Lending Tree citing my credit score was too low. They somehow came up with a score more than 100 points below my actual score. If you ask me, it was all a lure for me to plug in my information so they can sell it to scam companies such as this one.

    • Madeline, thanks for the comment. Just one point of clarification on the credit score thing. There is no one standard score. Every lender can adjust the data from the credit bureau and process it with their own algorithm to create an output they feel creates a result that more accurately reflects their niche or industry. The consumer credit score can be even different between the three major credit bureaus. So it is also possible the Lending Tree credit inquiry may have been pulled for a credit bureau that is reporting a lower score to begin with. If you get a chance, go to and get a copy of all three of your credit reports to see if one or more contains any errors that might be bringing down your score. You can also use a site like to look at two of your credit reports for free and use their wonderful online tool that shows you how to increase your score.

  • In Virginia…same thing. Would never contact a group like this who solicited me. But researching it and found you…thanks.

  • I just received this same letter in California and I have to admit, it is cleverly different than other junk mail, but the red flag here is that there was no company name, no company logo and HELLO, no website, HOW can a business survive these days without a website? such a hoax

  • Apparently a national program. I’m in CT and I received similar notice from same outfit. Mine includes “4551-Debt” in header, and a google search reveals it to be a longstanding scam.

  • I too got this just today. Of course the 5 day period has expired. Nice touch. Shredding it. Any reputable organization, particularly a non-profit, will include their name and mailing address on such mailers.

  • Well here it is 2017 and they are still trying! I just got my “second notice” not to let this opportunity pass me by. It is Aug 31st and my letter says time is running out, “Very important” I have 5 days to call and my enrollment window begins Aug 21st, so there, my window has closed already! Lol! Oh Well, maybe next time, after all, I get a telephone call at least once a day with the very same message………..

  • I received this same letter, however, i am in California. I do think there is something missed that the letter talks about. It only claims to reduce the interest rate for unsecured credit cards, not the actual debt.Could this still be a hoax?

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