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My Son Stole My Credit. Will the Judgment End When I Die?

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

About 10 yrs ago, my son stole my credit cards and maxed them out..I could not pay them, but was able to pay what I could..sometimes min amt due and sometimes not..

Anyway, I got papers to go to court because I was being sued..My son said he would go to court and tell the Judge it was he to ran up those accounts and not me..He never went to Court and I was in default and giving a Judgement..I did not know this until I got a letter from the Lawyer saying they now have a lean on my house..

At one time I did meet with the lawyers and he told me they would never collect this judgement since my only income is my SS and a small pension from my company..Most companies have written me off..I have new credit now with my score at 680 and current on my bills, what I worry about is this judgement..At 76 yrs old, I dont want to be thrown out of my house..

I am a Widow so my house is to pass on to my son and family..will be Judgement end when I die? I live in DuPage County in Illinois…thank you..



Dear A,

It would not have mattered if your son had gone to court since when he committed a crime and stole your credit cards, they only way to get out of that debt would have been to press charges against him. Most people won’t do that.

Any judgment against you can only look to your estate to collect. So based on what you described, it sounds like it would fade away when you time comes.

If you have any doubts, please meet with an attorney who is licensed in your state and who could provide you with a legal opinion. I am not an attorney.

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