Jeremy Foti Now Fully Sucked Into Brookstone Law Mess

Brookstone Law was a mortgage assistance law firm in California that was allegedly assisting consumers with going after their lenders. Regulators found something worrisome when they examined the situation and pursued Brookstone Law in court.

Subsequent to the original complaint Brookstone, the Federal Trade Commission stated that a Jeremy Foti also had a role to play along with Damian Kutzner and others.

Foti objected to that characterization.

[documentcloud url=”http://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3001240-Jeremy-Foti-Declaration.html” sidebar=false text=false]

But on August 24, 2016 a Judge signed an injunction against Foti. The court document said, “On June 13, 2016, the Temporary Receiver filed his Preliminary Report of Temporary Receiver, in which he writes: “[Jeremy] Foti is a key, but elusive, player in the Advantis/Brookstone universe. He operates from a large, and upon our arrival locked, office next to Mr. Kutzner’s office. Although he has adroitly avoided any formal ownership of the Advantis or Brookstone entities, we saw ample confirmation that he was indeed one of the bosses.”

So it now stands that yet another person has been sucked into the asset freeze and court order in this case against Brookstone Law and others.

[documentcloud url=”http://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3035762-Jeremy-Foti-Asset-Freeze.html” sidebar=false text=false]


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1 thought on “Jeremy Foti Now Fully Sucked Into Brookstone Law Mess”

  1. this dude is a crook. he undoubtedly was part of brookstone law. he and damian started it. jeremy’s brother james foti should be looked into as well, as jeremy talked his idiot brother into lending money and using his credit so jeremy didn’t have to. jeremy and james own gamc. they laughed about how people thought they were getting loans from gmac. the reason why jeremy named is gamc was because it sounded like gmac. jeremy set up dnd to avoid taxes. i doubt he filed any returns. there are ample people in and around orange county that will gladly testify how jeremy was apart of the brookstone group. it is sad as the attorney they talked into it, lost his license and life. jeremy and his brother also would steal rv’s under gmac. the guy would lie to his mother even if telling the truth was better. jeremy forges documents. he forged documents to lease one of his bentley. he forged his lease document. jeremy often bragged that he helped morgan drexan get started by loaning them money and owning 5% and dodging the heat it got. the dude is a crook.


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