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Dear Steve,

I graduated from a university in 2012 and wasn’t able to receive my degree until I paid my debt I owe to the college. I recently contacted the credit and collection department of the college to see if I can be put on a repayment schedule. I was told by the representative “that I had to contact and go through their collection agency.” However, I would like to cut out the middle man and just deal with the college.

If there was anyway possible, would I be able to send payments to the college instead of going through the collection agency?



Dear Rennie,

The creditor is free to hire and create whatever process they want to collect a debt.

Often times the contract with a third party collection company says the original creditor must direct the debtor to the collection company while the account is assigned.

It seems you are aware that the college is working with the specific collection company and that is not in dispute.

At this point, to make sure your payments are properly credited, I would send them to the collection agency as the school and collection company specify. Be sure to pay by some sort of traceable means if you need to later identify all the payments you make.

You may also want to confirm that the balance they are claiming you owe is accurate. Ask them for a detailed bill so you can feel comfortable that the balance of the debt is reasonable.

If the balance seems accurate, I’d just pay the collection agency at this point.


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