I Received 1099-C Forms on Timeshares But My Credit Report Shows I Still Have a Balance

Question: Dear Steve, I had 2 mortgages from timeshare accounts default a couple of years back. One had the debt discharged in 2018, and the creditor issued a 1099c for the remaining balance. This was included as income in our 2018 return. The second one foreclosed in 2019, and the “credit grantor reclaimed the collateral … Read more

How to Deal With a New 1099-C Issued on Old Debt Using Little Known IRS Form 4598

It seems more and more people are getting tax form 1099-C issued now for the forgiveness of old debt from as long as twenty years ago. That’s a problem for consumers. This old debt is sometimes called “zombie debt” because it appears to come back from the dead. The first thing you should do is … Read more

My 1099-C Has a Code F and Code G On It

Question: Dear Steve, My wife got 2 1099-C’s this year (1/30/2021). One had an identifiable date as 12/31/2017 and Identifiable Code G and the other had 12/31/2020 the date and a Code F. 2nd creditor (code F) had sold this account to 3rd party debt collector about two years before and we had no agreement … Read more