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My Step-Son Killed His Father and His Mom Cosigned His Student Loans

mans hands behind bars in jail or prison

Question: Dear Steve, Step-son that is SSI disabled for 3+ years with Mental Illness, Maternal Mother, My wife, co-signed student loans for him. He is now in Jail for murdering his paternal father and will end up in jail or an institution for the rest of his life. My step-son’s never paid any of his loan payments only my wife. ... Read More »

    I Have a Mental Problem That Leaves Me Unable to Pay My Student Loans

    Businesswoman does the questions

    Question: Dear Steve, I have a mild psychiatric disorder, and I have my total and permanent disability form accepted. However, I found out that for a three year monitoring period, if I make money over the poverty level, in three years I will have to go back to paying it back. While I’m a responsible woman who can’t pay back ... Read More »

      My Wife is Mentally Disabled. Can Her Student Loans Be Forgiven?


      Question: Dear Steve, My wife graduated in 2001 B.a. degree music. Accumulating $154,000 student loans. She has been on permanent disability since 2000. Benefits of $547 month. I am 70 work to maintain medical insurance income $2000 month. We have filed bankruptcy twice due to long term medical bills. last time Jan 2010. My wife has attempted to work twice ... Read More »

        I’m Disabled and Having My SSI Garnished for Student Loans. What Can I Do?


        Question: Dear Steve, In my 3rd year of college, Dec. 1988, I was involved in an auto accident with a semi. My head hit the steering wheel with force and I have CNS damage and lesions on my brain. I went right back to school and failed class after class. I did not have continuous memory for 6 months. I ... Read More »

          How Can I Get Rid of My Private Student Loans if I’m Disabled? – Wayne


          “Dear Steve, I have had Federal and private student loans. I have Total & Permanent Disability discharge of the Federal loans. My private signature loans are with Sallie Mae. I have not been able to work forever. I have defaulted on the loans. I have not paid on the loans since Sept. 2010. The loans have been turned over to ... Read More »

            My Husband Had a Traumatic Brain Injury and We Are In Debt. – Bobbi


            “Dear Steve, My husband has a traumatic brain injury and currently in therapy. He was on the job and he does get the workman’s comp pay each week. I have been told that when my husband goes back to his job they plan to fire him asap. He will not be able to do the job he had before the ... Read More »

              I’m a Disabled and Retired Police Officer With Debt. – James

              past due envelope

              “Dear Steve, I am now a 52 yr. old medically retired policeman. I have been retired for now two years, I always worked secondary security jobs as most police do, so I accumulated a lots of debt, vehicles, etc. I was claimed disabled for health reasons, and I had disability insurance on my vehicle. Now since I was forced to ... Read More »

                I Can’t Pay GE Money and They Won’t Work With Me. – Bonnie


                “Dear Steve, In the last 2 years I underwent divorce and health issues. I am disabled and live on Social Security Disability. I have no other income, nothing of value. I finally was able to get subsidized housing. I took out a “loan” for furniture $1,600. Turned out to be a high interest rate credit card with GE Money. I ... Read More »

                  I am a Disabled Student on SSI. My School is Asking Me to Pay. – Devon

                  past due envelope

                  “Dear Steve, I am a disabled student. I am currently working on my Master’s. Some of my classes and financial aid has gotten messed up. Now 2 schools are making me pay for classes. The cost adds up to about $7000. I receive SSI and can barely afford my bills. Is there anyway I can try to fix this? I ... Read More »

                    The Bank Won’t Modify Our Second Mortgage After a Job Loss. – Laura

                    Ready to Collapse

                    “Dear Steve, I am on disability. My husband lost his job in July. We are living on disability and unemployment checks and have a greatly diminished income. Our bank, Wells Fargo, will not work with us on loan modification. We have a primary loan of $315K at 2.85%. Our second mortgage is for about $66K and is at 8.19%. We ... Read More »

                      Social Security Wants a Lot of My Disability Money Back

                      Ready to Collapse

                      “Dear Steve, I was colecting a disibilty check from social securty. I think it was 700.00 a month. I lived in Ohio and when I moved to New Jersey started driving a truck for a living after years of mental depression everything was going grate. IM not sure how many years went by, but I ended up working in Iraq ... Read More »

                        Waiting for Disability, Ran Up a Bunch of Debt and Getting Sued. – Tamara

                        Ready to Collapse

                        “Dear Steve, My husband is currently going through the process of filing for permanent disability. It has been an almost two year fight but the end is near. I have been the sole provider of the household during that two year period and as a result we had to go into survival mode and only pay our mortgage, utilities, food ... Read More »

                          I Was Injured and Can’t Work. – Bill

                          Ready to Collapse

                          “Dear Steve, I was the only one working when I seriously injured my back and had to stop working and file for disability. We moved out of our home and in with family for free while my wife looked for a job. At the time I left my job I had 3 auto loans and 4 open credit cards and ... Read More »

                            Husband is Disabled on SSI and I Can Only Find Temp Jobs. – Nancy

                            Screen Shot 2011-12-14 at 2.37.54 PM

                            “Dear Steve, I lost my permanent job 2 years ago, been temping ever since. (Just can’t seem to nab a perm job.) Husband is on SSI Disability. The temp job pays nowhere near what I was making as an employee, and altho hubby’s disability helps, we don’t have a heck of a lot of $$ left over for any fun ... Read More »

                              I’m Living on Social Security Disability SSD and Getting Sued for a Discover Card. – M

                              Ready to Collapse

                              “Dear Steve, Hello. basic history is that I have been working for years in a well paying job as well as my husband having a job. 3 years ago I got sick and became disabled couldn’t go back to work with no income coming in at all for me my husbands income was all we had. 2 months after i ... Read More »

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