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I Filed Bankruptcy 7 Last Year But Still Owe Parent PLUS Loan? – Kristin

Financing a budget

“Dear Steve, Please help…I filed Bankruptcy 7 last year but syill have a 80,000 parent PLUS loan…I have used the unemployment deferement and will try for economic hardship next….I just started receiving social sec for widower benefits just 800.00 a month Shall I just default onthe plus loan and let them take 15% OR just keep deferring or using forebearance ... Read More »

    We Offer Free Legal Advice in Miami. A Client is Being Garnished.

    closeup of a gavel on cash, from above

    “Dear Steve, I am a clerk working for a Miami-based firm that offers free legal advice to indigent clients. I had a heart-wrenching moment today when a single mom walked into my office. 25% of her wages are being garnished even though she is head of household and has just about zero disposable income. None of her wages would be ... Read More »

      Hyat, Hyat & Landau Are Going for a Writ of Garnishment. – Alma


      “Dear Steve, On 01/19/2013, I received a continuing writ of garnishment notice from the law offices of Hyat, Hyat & Landau representing Midland Credit Management, Inc. This motion to garnish my wages was given to them because apparently they got a Judgement against me back in 01/2004 from a credit card debt that I got in 1996 when I lived ... Read More »

        My Husband Received a Writ of Garnishment. What Now? – Natalie

        closeup of a gavel on cash, from above

        “Dear Steve, My husband has received a writ for garnishment of wages for a debt of 2,200 dollars. The default judgement was placed against him for failure to answer and now he’s facing garnishment. He only earns about $100 per week. Can his wages be garnished? What can be done? We don’t have shared accounts or property but we live ... Read More »

          Writ of Garnishment Leaves Me Unable to Car for My Wife and Kids. What Should I Do?

          Ready to Collapse

          “Dear Steve, I was recently delivered a Writ of Garnishment, taking $348 per check to pay back a $6200 personal loan from Springleaf. I only clear $1000 per check. My mortgage is $1385 and My car is $375 That doesn’t leave a lot of room for gasoline, natural gas, power, phone, food, clothes, student loans, car insurance, water, and the ... Read More »

            Can My Old Bank Take Me to Collections for a Checking Account? – Mark

            Ready to Collapse

            “Dear Steve, In 2006 I had a joint checking account with my mother when she shortly passed away. It was then that the bank informed me that I need to make some payments to cover my mother’s expenses which I did. Other expenses followed but these were bank fees which caused the account to be overdrawn according to the bank. ... Read More »

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