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Social Security / SSDI

Tell Me How to Stop the Social Security Garnishment for Student Loans

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“Dear Steve, My husband receives social security disability and his monthly check is being garnished for student loans. I am unemployed and my husband receives $1,013 per month in disability. Of this amount $30 is withheld for repayment of an overpayment from his initial payment from social security and $150 is being withheld for his student loans, which began in ... Read More »

We Are Old, Ill, and the Worry and Stress Over Our Debt Are Killing Us. – Glenna

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“Dear Steve, We are seniors in our mid seventy’s very bad health. We have credit card debt because we have had to put medical bills and medicine,plus living expenses. We owe 14,000.00 and having a hard time making minium payments. HELP, our only income is our social security. We don’t know how to handle this. Our health is getting worse. ... Read More »

I Was on SSI When I Took Out Debt and I Just Got Sued for It. – June


“Dear Steve, I have credit card debt, student loan debt, and other personal debt. I just started working full time in August 2011 with an pay increase in April 2012 and I have a credit card company taking me to court already. Trial date is June 13, 2013. I also still recieve SSI disibility and I got in debt when ... Read More »

My VA Mortgage is Being Foreclosed on. Will They Garnish My Social Security? – Harlan


“Dear Steve, I am 68 years old and I draw social security retirement benefits. I also work as a sales associate for a retail company I hav a va home loan that is in forclosure. Can the va garnish my social security retirement benefit? Also, can they freeze my bank accounts? Harlan” Dear Harlan, That is an excellent question. Since ... Read More »

My Social Security is Being Garnished Over an Old SBA Loan. – Carrie


“Dear Steve, Home and business was damaged during Katrina. got a SBA disaster loan. paid monthly notes. they were 3rd lienholder. 1st lienholder foreclosed on us. he did not notify SBA about the foreclosure. we did and sent names, addresses, phone nos,and documentation of all concerned. he bought the property back at the land sale and resold it within two ... Read More »

I Filed Bankruptcy 7 Last Year But Still Owe Parent PLUS Loan? – Kristin

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“Dear Steve, Please help…I filed Bankruptcy 7 last year but syill have a 80,000 parent PLUS loan…I have used the unemployment deferement and will try for economic hardship next….I just started receiving social sec for widower benefits just 800.00 a month Shall I just default onthe plus loan and let them take 15% OR just keep deferring or using forebearance ... Read More »

Social Security is Garnishing My Benefits for an Old SBA Loan. What Can I Do? – Berhan

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“Dear Steve, I will turn 70 in 45 days. After I lost my business and employment I am leaving on a fixed income that I draw from SS and my wife’s earnings. My company defaulted on $48,000 SBA loan that I am a guarantor. My social security payment has been deduced By 15% ($225.30 per month) to pay the SBA ... Read More »

We Live on Social Security Alone and Can’t Pay Our Creditors. – Bogey

“Dear Lewis, My wife & I are on SS and have credit card debts of $60k. We have no savings, and SS funds to pay only about half the minimum monthly card payments. We live in Ohio and only assets are our home and car. We do meet chapter 7 income requirements, We are not sure if working with a ... Read More »

I’m 65 and Going on Social Security. Should I Pay Down Some of My Debts Now? – Joanna

“Dear Andy, I am 65 and have no savings and will be soon on SS only. I am almost debt free except for mortage and car I have saved up $10,000 and want to know if I should use it to reduce my new car loan from $24,000 to $14,000 (4.55%loan) or make a principal only punt on my mortage ... Read More »

Can Credit Card Companies Garnish Your Social Security Check? – Bonnie

“Dear Jeremy, credit card debt, I am making minimum payments on several credit cards and have a high mortgage for my income. I will retire in 3 yrs. and would like to know if I can’t afford to pay my credit cards on ss can they go after my ss check. I know I can’t afford to pay once I ... Read More »

Will Banks Give Me Special Repayment Terms If I Keep Making My Minimum Payments. – Charles

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“Dear Steve, Credit card debt of $80000 and barely able to make mortgage payment. Retired with fixed pension, Social Security income, and some consulting income. Will banks or credit card companies talk with me about reduced payments or creditcard balances if I continue to pay monthly minimum? Should I stop making even minimum credit card payments, then try to negotiate ... Read More »

Can the Credit Card Company Go After my SSDI or My Wife? – Greg

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“Dear Steve, I had my 1st Transplant in 2000, worked until end of 2009, applied for SSDI was accepted, wont receive 1st ck till June 2010. During the last 10 years I dwindled my saving due to being sick off and on. I only have 21,000 left, I owe credit card debt of 35,000. They worked with me on lowering ... Read More »

Can My Social Security Check be Garnished for Student Loan Payments? – Sherry

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“Dear Steve, I am 70 years old and live on Social Security. I have a small student loan that is very difficult if even possible to make. Can my Social Security Check be attached for the payments? Sherry” Dear Sherry, If it is a government backed student loan then yes, your social security check can be garnished. Please update me ... Read More »

I’m Worried About Having My Social Security Benefits Garnished. – Lisa

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“Dear Steve, Hello, I found your website online by doing a search on Google. I truly hope you can help me. My question relates to a debt (one of many) that I can’t pay. Around the first week of Jan. 2010, I was served with papers for a credit card debt. It is an account that I have had since ... Read More »

Social Security Wants a Refund of Benefits Saying I Earned Too Much. – Cameron

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“Dear Steve, I’m disabled and receive social security disability. I work part-time. Social Security has a limit on the amount SSDI recipients are allowed to earn from work. I got a letter and a bill from them telling me that in four different months over the past two years I earned too much money. In each month the amount was ... Read More »

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