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Innovative Wealth Builders – Consumer Complaint 6-22-2011

Ready to Collapse

Date This Problem Happened: March 19, 2012 State You Live in: Alaska Age Range: 36-50 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $2,195 Company Name: Innovative Wealth Builders Company Address: 28059 US Highway 19 North Suite 300, Clearwater, FL 33761 Website of Company: innovativewealthbuilders.net Consumer Statement: Attempted to cancel and after investigation my credit card company sided with them and charged me ... Read More »

    Precept Financial Solutions – Consumer Complaint

    Ready to Collapse

    Date This Problem Happened: Sunday, July 8, 2007 State You Live in: Texas Age Range: 36-50 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,400 Company Name: Precept Financial Solutions Company Address: 12225 Greenville Avenue, Suite 300, Dallas, Tx 75243 Website of Company: http://www.preceptfinancial.com Consumer Statement: Precept Financial offered to negotiate settlement terms on our behalf. They instructed us to pay them money ... Read More »

      Real Wealth & Lance Murkin, Work At Home Scammers Told to Pay Millions to FTC

      Ready to Collapse

      Real Wealth, Inc. and its owner, Lance Murkin were told to to pay $10.4 million, the full amount of harm caused to thousands of consumers nationwide who were victimized by the Defendants’ work-at-home and grant scams. The Court also banned Real Wealth and Murkin from marketing or selling work-at-home or grant-related products, and from assisting others in doing so. The ... Read More »

        Housing & Economic Recovery Program PL 110-289 Mailer – Scam

        Screen Shot 2012-08-04 at 10.02.16 AM

        A tipster (send in your tips here) has just sent in a new mailer that is labeled Housing & Economic Recovery Program (PL 110-289). It turns out this is just the latest version of a similar mailer I covered before in my story Deceptive Mailer – Housing & Economic Recovery Program (PL 110-289. Inside the mailer it gives a web ... Read More »

          BOLO NBC-TVNEWS.com and Weekend19NewsChan.com Scams

          Ready to Collapse

          A tipseter just sent in copies of email that they received that look very similar to the scam I covered in the article SCAM ALERT: Avoid CNBC7 News Work at Home Email Pitch. BOLO – Be On The Lookout for the Following Scam Emails Scam Email 1 I needed to make certain this all worked before I said anything about ... Read More »

            Mass Joinder Scam Investigative Video

            Ready to Collapse

            Here is a very nice video from John Mattes at InvestigativeGuy.com about the mass joinder sales pitches. If you’d like to know more about the latest on mass joinder lawsuits, click here. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Read More »

              [SCAM ALERT] Avoid CreditPark.net

              Credit Park

              Readers and tipster (send in your tips here)s are reporting that the website CreditPark.net has led them to become victims of the advanced fee loan scam offered by Bellview Financial Group. The CreditPark.net website appears to be targeted towards U.S. residents but it is really an international scam. The CreditPark.net web server is located in Panama so all the components ... Read More »

                Bellview Financial Group – Consumer Complaint

                Bellview Scam-1

                Date This Problem Happened: May 10, 2011 State You Live in: Alaska Age Range: 36-50 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $6,000 Company Name: Bellview Financial Group Company Address: 1192 Hansen Road, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54304 Website of Company: bellviewfinancial.com Consumer Statement: I too was scammed by Bellview Financial Group. I was told that I could get a $42,000 loan; all ... Read More »

                  Get Rich Quick in Real Estate Promoter Sentenced to 11 Years in Federal Prison


                  In April, 2011 I wrote about Eric Farrington who was a get rich in real estate “self-made millionaire.” At the time he was selling courses and seminars about how to get rich in real estate. Well Farrington, who proclaimed he had 25 years of experience as a motivational speaker, just got about half of that time to spend in a ... Read More »

                    SCAM ALERT: Avoid CNBC7 News Work at Home Email Pitch


                    I just received the following scam email. hi , I just wanted to share this opportunity with you, I’ve been making 200-300 dollars a day and I started only a week ago. Check out this news article and it will show you how to get started, it’s definitely easy enough for you :)! http://7cnbcnews.com/money The link takes you to a ... Read More »

                      CouponCaboodle.com Website Review

                      Ready to Collapse

                      I stumbled upon a new couponing site this week: CouponCaboodle.com. I decided to review this site to show what not to look for with couponing websites. http://youtu.be/5W5G0F1Gk3g The website has a clean cut and attractive design which automatically gains trust of a user. You are asked to input your first and last name along with your e-mail address and zip ... Read More »

                        FTC Proves EDebitPay, Dale Cleveland and William Wilson are Crazy to Think That Would Fly

                        Ready to Collapse

                        In 2008 the FTC went after EDebitPay, Dale Cleveland and William Wilson charging that they made unauthorized debits from consumers’ bank accounts and deceptively marketed prepaid debit cards and short-term loans. The settlement order permanently barred them from making future misrepresentations or unauthorized debits. But flash forward to more recent days when the crew was marketing a “$10,000″ credit line” ... Read More »

                          Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2011 Mailer – It’s Total BS

                          Thanks to some pretty awesome tipster (send in your tips here)s the flood of fake, misleading and deceptive mailers has been coming in fast. The latest is the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2011 mailer that tells consumers they need a Forensic Mitigation Program. For those of us who deal with the consumers and debt even the ... Read More »

                            FTC Returns Full Refunds to Home Assure Foreclosure Rescue Scam Victims

                            Ready to Collapse

                            An administrator working for the Federal Trade Commission has mailed 1,410 refund checks to consumers allegedly defrauded by Home Assure LLC, a so-called mortgage foreclosure rescue service. The FTC alleged that the company charged consumers an up-front fee and falsely claimed its special relationships with lenders would enable it to get favorable loan modifications or stop foreclosure. A settlement order ... Read More »

                              Kirkland Young & Attorney Aid Companies Pay 2.2 Million and Banned from Mortgage Relief Business

                              Under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, two companies and three individuals are banned from the mortgage relief services business and must relinquish $2.2 million in assets for consumer refunds. The action is part of the FTC’s ongoing effort to stop scams that target financially strapped homeowners seeking mortgage relief. In November 2009, the FTC alleged that Kirkland Young ... Read More »

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