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Guest Post – Mortgage Tips and Money Saving Advice

Guest PostAug 18, 20083 min read
Guest Post – Mortgage Tips and Money Saving Advice

Tom McConnon contacted me recently and wanted me to share this post with you. If you would like to contribute a guest post, you can contact me here. If you are a first-time home buyer, a mortgage may seem like…

Is the iPhone a Debt Worth Having?

Steve RhodeJul 16, 20081 min read

The new iPhone is out and people are rushing, at a slower pace, yet again to get one. While they may be on the bleeding edge of technology, I wonder how many users of the iPhone can really justify the…

Turn Crap You Don’t Need Into Cash

Steve RhodeApr 17, 20086 min read

It’s five days until payday, and you’re rifling through jacket pockets and old purses, scrounging for change. But have you recently looked in the basement? Or the attic, the back of the wardrobes, the garage and the kids’ rooms? Is…

Client Kills Self Just One Payment Away From Being Debt Free

Steve RhodeMar 4, 20082 min read

I’m not surprised that people find it necessary to kill themselves because of financial problems. They do, it’s sad and it’s needless. What makes this so shocking was that he was so close to being debt free. News in yesterday…

Your Online Debt Collection Rights Guide

Steve RhodeMar 4, 20084 min read

Here is a Quick Online Debt Collection Guide Most people make a big mess out of dealing with the debt collector and don’t know what their fair debt collection rights are. Dealing with a debt collector isn’t so much about…

Five Inside Truths About Debt Management Plans (DMP) You Need to Know

Steve RhodeMar 2, 20083 min read

People are often so confused or uninformed about debt management plans in the US that I wanted to share some truths with you. Here are the five biggest misconceptions people have about debt management plans, in no particular order. Debt…