I Have Not Paid My Student Loan Since 1988 And Now They Want Money

Question: Dear Steve, Went to a computer school in 1988, I got a 4600 student loan, which I didn’t pay but from 1991 until 2016 my income tax was taken, that stopped in 2016, Now I’ve received notice at my job that I owe 16,000 on my student loan. Soon after I finished the program … Read more

How Can I Stop a Social Security Garnishment After it Stared?

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Do I Really Have to Garnish My Employees Wages For This Student Loan?

Question: Dear Steve, I am an employer that has received a letter from Trellis Company instructing me to garnish wages for a student loan of an employee. It references federal law in giving them the authority to do this. However, there is no court order or anything else from a federal or state agency attached … Read more

I’m Profoundly Deaf, 73, and Getting My Social Security Garnished for Student Loan Debt

Question: Dear Steve, I am age 73 and disabled and also profoundly deaf. I can NOT understand people when they speak to me. I can NOT even use a phone. My social security disability payments have been garnished by the U.S. Dept of Education. I WAS receiving $920/month. I am NOW receiving $782/ month. I … Read more

Why Can’t I Get Out of My Student Loan Wage Garnishment so I Can Consolidate?

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I Just Got a Second Federal Student Loan Garnishment

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I’m Being Garnished for Student Loans My Grandmother Paid Off

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I’m Making Rehabilitation Payments But Need to Appeal My Student Loan Wage Garnishment

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I Rehabbed My Loans But I’m Now Being Garnished?

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Can I Get My Stolen Student Loan Wage Garnishments Back?

Question: Dear Steve, I have a defaulted student loan that was subject to wage garnishments. After several months of $400/month being taken out of my checks beyond my control, I was finally informed that 1099 employees are not subject to wage garnishments and that they would stop forcing my employer to cut my checks. However, … Read more

Lip Smacking, Joke Cracking Guide to Stopping Federal Student Loan Wage Garnishments

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What Happens to My Wage Garnishment and Tax Refunds and My Student Loan?

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Can My AmeriCorps Award Stop My Student Loan Wage Garnishment?

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New Administrative Wage Garnishment Procedures, Rules, and Comments

This is going to be a really boring post on Administrative Wage Garnishment Procedures. It’s an important issue though because many people with defaulted federal student loan debt are surprised when their wages are garnished. However, there are options. The new rules out today will help described all the choices people have to attempt to … Read more