I Can’t Pay My Bills So I’m Thinking About Using Asset Guard to Protect Me From Creditors. – Patsy

“Dear Steve, Due to taking a cut in pay and not getting any raises for 3 years I started using my credit cards for everyday living. Now, 2 years later I’ve got over $25k in credit card debts and I have no way to pay even the minimum amount each month. I stopped paying my …

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What Do You Think About Plan B Debt & Credit Consultants? – Dave

“Dear Steve, This forum and website is very herlpful. I just found your site a few weeks ago and really find the help valuable. I had submitted a question recently, but not sure it had been answered. I found a posting herre about a company called Plan B, that offers an alternative to bankruptcy and …

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Is It Possible to Avoid Bankruptcy and Prevent Our Creditors From Attaching Judgment Liens On Our Properties? – David

“Dear Steve, I’m a real estate investor and my wife is a Realtor. We have used my wife’s credit to accumulate debt of $180K in unsecured personally guaranteed business LOC and credit cards in one corporation and $100K in of the same in a limited liability corporation. I filed personal bankruptcy 4 years ago and …

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