Debt Relief Attorney Goes Through Arbitration and Must Pay Back Fees to Consumer Over Student Loan Assistance

Attorney Chantel Grant probably feels like she was treated unfairly in a recent Florida Bar arbitration decision. I’m assuming she feels this way because she had to pay back a consumer $4,796 for student loan debt relief assistance. This assistance is said to have included many popular tactics to attack debt. These included “an aggressive …

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National Legal Staffing Support and Resolvly Pissed at Co-Defendants

An interesting development in the case filed against GM Law Firm, Chantel Grant, National Legal Staffing Support, Resolvly, Gregory Fishman, Julie Queler, Kevin Mason, JG Factor, Benjamin Zuckerman, and Berger Singerman. It turns out Julie Queler is the majority shareholder of National Legal Staffing Support and Resolvly but is not getting answers from her co-defendants …

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