1 thought on “Gamez Law Firm Files Class Action about Settling Private Student Loan Debt That Sucks In Industry Names”

  1. …. I recently worked for Resolvly, in their sales dept. all I have to say is they are all SCAMMERS !! they treat their employees like crap and yell at them when the leads that they pay thousands for don’t get turned into GOLD and the owners will FIRE SOMEONE ON THE SPOT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE – TO HUMILIATE AND BULLY THEM, ESPECIALLY IF THE EMPLOYEE IS A FEMALE ..because of that, an employee is pending a suit against them .. while the VP drives around in his brand new MERCEDES SPORTS CAR … the owners are all friends and TRUST FUND BABIES who never had a real job and are given titles and salaries that would blow yours out of the water ….one of the owners JOHN claims to have owned MANY call centers in his past …while they are in desperate need of INVESTORS and interviewing them now … they claim to be a 400 MILL. operation … and they are all connected to the REHAB COMMUNITY – 90 pecent of the employees are from some kind of REHAB PROGRAM – which the company is funded through … which makes up most of the business’s in SOUTH FLORIDA especially BOCA RATON , FL.


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