And So Begins the Effort to Toss Out CFPB Wins Protecting Consumers

Ringing the bell to turn back time.

Recently the Supreme Court made a determination that the single director format of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was not going to continue. See this post. A student loan assistance company that had entered final judgment with the CFPB for $18 million. Even though the Defendants entered into a Stipulated Judgment admitting they “violated …

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Debt Relief CEO Asks for CFPB to Back the Bus Up and Include More Defendants in Case

I didn’t see this move coming but, okay. “Defendant Jawad Nesheiwat (“Nesheiwat”) moves for an order directing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (“the Bureau”) to amend its Complaint to add necessary parties.” “This case concerns conduct by companies and individuals in connection with providing debt-relief services to consumers with student loans. Complaint, Dkt. No. 1 …

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Student Loan Assistance Doc Prep Players Settle for $18 Million

What began as a student loan assistance marketing effort managed to end with an $18 million CFPB stipulated judgment. The people and entities involved used credit bureau data they obtained for mortgage marketing to generate leads for their student loan assistance marketing. The original Defendants, in this case, were Chou Team Realty, Monster Loans, MonsterLoans, …

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CFPB Files Legal Action Against Doc Prep Student Loan Assistance Companies

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has just filed suit against a number o players in the student loan assistance companies and individuals. The case was filed on January 9, 2020 against Chou Team Realty, Monster Loans, MonsterLoans; Lend Tech Loans, Docu Prep Center, Certified Document Center, Document Preparation Services, DocuPrep Center, Certified Doc Prep, …

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