Debt Relief Lead Generator Ryan Golembiewski Settles With FTC for Big Bucks

The Federal Trade Commission has taken action against a debt relief lead generator, who we’ve written about before, that appears to have made false statements about the effectiveness and efficacy of debt settlement, bankruptcy and credit counseling. As you will read, the statements made to induce consumers into debt settlement and credit counseling (debt management …

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TASC, Are You Kidding Me With FreeDebtReductionHelp.com?

The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC) just sent out a press release (source) that contains the following statement: Going to a website like http://www.freedebtreductionhelp.com will ensure that consumers are paired up with a legitimate and TASC certified debt settlement company. Consumers that have at least $10k in unsecured debt and that can prove a financial …

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DebtReliefEmergency.com Review

This review began as a result of a press release I saw that was sent out by DebtReliefEmergency.com. – Source Address: Unknown. 877-853-6466 Website: DebtReliefEmergency.com Description: DebtReliefEmergency.com is a consumer based services aimed to help individuals or small businesses find the best debt relief options available in the marketplace. – Source Management Unknown but assuming …

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