Take Five Minutes to Understand the Current Housing Crisis – Podcast

high angle shot of suburban neighborhood

Listen to the Podcast You can subscribe to my podcast on any of these sites below.                    Transcript In the shortcast today, I wanted to give you some inside knowledge of the current state of housing and mortgages in the US. Hi, this is Steve Rhode, your Get Out of Debt Guy from GetOutOfDebt.org. The …

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Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Stand Behind Government Plan to Allow Bankruptcy Judges to Modify Mortgages

The following statement was issued today on behalf of the 3,500-member National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) by bankruptcy attorney and NACBA president Carey Ebert of Fort Worth, TX: “At a time when an estimated 6,600 American families are losing their homes to foreclosure every day, we welcome the Obama Administration’s support for changes …

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