Is InCharge Debt Solutions a Good Idea to Go With? – Jess

“Dear Steve, Trying to consolidate credit cards need advice on a consolidation company. My husband and I are trying to consolidate his credit cards to lessen the interest rates and hopefully pay off the credit cards a lot sooner then by paying each credit card company individually. We are looking into In Charge Debt Solutions …

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InCharge Debt Solutions – Debt Relief Television Commercial

Commercial Name: InCharge Debt Solutions Economic Downturn Record Date: 11-8-2010 Network/Channel: Retro TV Description: Appears geared at people negatively impacted by economic troubles. Laid off, downsized, hours cut, spouse dies, having to use credit cards to make ends meet. 1-800-625-4619. Combine payments, reduce interest rates, eliminate late and over limit fees, we can even put …

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