I Settled My Capital One Debts But It Doesn’t Show That On My Credit Report. – Jen

“Dear Steve, I am in CA and I received a call from a collection agency on 9/6/11 about a credit card with Sams Club. They took me completely by surprise and against my better judgment I answered all kinds of questions i.e. Martial status, employment etc. When they told me how much I owed, I … Read more

Discover Sued Me. I’m Freaking Out. – Kimberly

“Dear Steve, I was served a summons from Legal Recovery Law Offices, Inc. which is representing Discover. I spoke with Discover and they still own the debt. They turned my account over to collections with NCO. NCO is having LRLO, Inc. act as the lawyer for Discover. The last time I paid them was September … Read more