How Do I Go After Lexington Law for What They Did?


Question: Dear Steve, My financial standing was destroyed by Lexington Law Firm beginning in August of 2017. They were to repair my credit history by dealing with some student loans and Bill Me Later(Pay Pal Credit). I approved the trial price of $14.99 using my debit card and personal account with US BANK. I also …

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Pressure Continues to be Applied Against Lexington Law in Suits

Lexington Law has been a recognizable name in the credit repair business for some time. But it appears debt collectors are ramping up pressure on the company in a number of suits. On May 21, 2018, Ad Astra Recovery Services filed suit against a host of Lexington Law related entities including John C. Heath Attorney …

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Kansas Says No Exemption to Attorney Debt Settlement Companies

The Kansas Court of Appeals has issued a ruling in the case involving Consumer Law Associates, Persels & Associates, David Herron II, Stanley Goodwin, and Laura Simpson-Redmond. In this case the State of Kansas went after the named parties after receiving some complaints from consumers. The individuals named are licensed attorneys in Kansas but Consumer …

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Should I Keep Paying Lexington Law Firm to Repair My Credit?

“Dear Steve, Ok, I guess I’ve been in the acceptance stage for a couple of months now but still feel overwhelmed in tackling my debt despite having done a lot of research. First, I am paying Lexington $80 per month to clean up my credit report. I have seen some improvement to my credit score …

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