What I Learned from Leyton Ward at The Advocacy for Consumer Rights

Yesterday Leyton Ward and I finally did what we probably should have done two years ago, and sat down together over a great lunch and just talked. You see for what feels like the last two years Leyton and I had been in, well, basically a pissing contest. I do owe Leyton a big hat tip for flying to Raleigh to meet with me. It was much appreciated.

But I think that our past differences are all behind us now for no other reason than we had a chance to meet and get to know each other better.

Ward and his TAFCR company are a unique entity in the debt relief world and most people will not know which camp to put him in.

Typically all of the folks on the regulation and advocacy side of things tend to toss unusual approaches into the scam bucket. That’s because most of them are. When 99% are it’s hard to find the 1% that are not.

But Ward’s TAFCR is different. He has an unusual approach in attacking the underlying contract between the creditor and consumer. It’s not an approach I admittedly cannot easily grasp and I asked him to please not explain his whole mathematical laws of grammar approach to me for fear my head would explode.

Ward’s approach to attacking mortgage issues is not the widely discredited mass joinder approach and it’s not the “pay me and you get your house for free” thing that has been going around. It is a very unique tactic to try and help consumers with problem debt.

Ward seems to be offering a service that is unique and if anyone has used the service, please post your comments below.

What is very interesting about TAFCR is the even though the approach may sound very unusual, I’ve never had any negative feedback from consumers and there are no lingering negative comments from consumers scattered around the internet.

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And trust me, when consumers feel like they are getting ripped off, they tell ten friends.

At the end of the day I don’t need to be convinced of anything. When it comes to consumers getting help; not getting ripped off is what I care about most. I don’t need to understand brain surgery for a friend to go under the knife to be cured.

So if anyone is thinking of exploring the services that The Advocacy for Consumer Rights offers, you should and you should evaluate it just as you would any other strategy to finding a good outcome for your problem debt.


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6 thoughts on “What I Learned from Leyton Ward at The Advocacy for Consumer Rights”

  1. To Steve Rhodes,

    I was scammed by Leyton for the same Mortgage situation, promises of being relieved of my mortgage obligation. I sent in $3,500 in Postal Money orders back in July 2014. I was told also in two years I would her something. I have not heard a thing. What a Scam\Con artist.

  2. To Steve Rhodes,

    I was contacted by Leighton Lionell Ward from TAFCR approximately 2 years ago and he claimed and guaranteed he would stay on my case pertaining to predatory lending fraud issues wih my contract with my previous mortgage lender Wamu, then
    serviced by Chase, and now currently with SPS, Inc.
    Ward promise me a “money back guarantee” if I was not satisfied with his service. I kept in touch with Mr. Ward pertaining to my case and he stated it would take apeoximately 2 years prior to seeing any results (me getting paid) and he usually replies back within a 2 day period. Just recently, last month I tried contacting Mr. Ward and received “no reply” back. I had discovered surfing the web that this perpetrator, Leighton Lionell Ward from TAFCR is a FRAUD and was arrested approximately 1-2 months ago and is under the FBI’s custody and will be put on trial on a later date. Ward collected $3500 in postal money order from me to retain his service and I want it back. This heartless perpetrator fooled me and many others.

    So, Steve, your hunch back then about Leigton was right, fishy dude.


    G. Ramos
    Bay Area, CA

  3. Interesting! He sounds great talking to him and through emails. His material is professional and he claims it takes about 2 years after filing to get contacted from the powers that be to be paid, which he claims is guaranteed. It’s been 2 years for me and I’m still waiting. FBI just contacted me regarding fraudulence on TAFCR.


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