I’m Borrowing Money to Pay My Credit Card Bills. What Should I Do? – Lowell

Lowell “Dear Steve, I am barreled into credit card debt. I am current but only because I am borrowing more to pay current bills. It is about to come to an end though because cc co have reduced my limits. What is best way back to normalcy? Lowell” Dear Lowell, The best way back is …

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I’m Anxious to Refinance My House to Pay Off Debt If It Lowers My Payment. – George

“Dear Steve, Hi Steve, I have a $115K 30 yr mortgage at 5.25% and now have 20 yrs left. I also have almost $20K in credit card debt (13.5%) which is a minimum monthly payment of over $400, of which I usually pay more. This is killing me. I really want to get rid of …

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