District Attorney Advises Consumers to Avoid Mass Joinder Mailers

Apparently a local district attorney’s office in Colorado is warning consumers to avoid the mass joinder mailers I’ve been reporting on. The warning says: “Consumers in the Denver area are receiving official-looking forms that declare “You may be a plaintiff in a national mass joinder suit.” The mailing implies that fraud may have happened when … Read more

Mass Litigation Alliance Marketing for Mass Joinder Cases Seems Confusing and Deceptive. – Amy

“Dear Steve, I am attempting to clarify an association between Mass Litigation Alliance and attorney Mitchell J. Stein. This plot seems to be getting thicker and thicker. I spoke to a Mass Litigation Alliance representative on 3/16/11. He identified himself as Scott Weiner, whom I have verified is an attorney licensed in IL, residing in … Read more

Mass Joinder Marketing Fraud Alert Issued By California

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent me an email that alerted me to an alert that has been published by the California Department of Real Estate. Alert from California Department of Real Estate California Department of Real Estate ** CONSUMER ALERT ** FRAUD WARNING REGARDING LAWSUIT MARKETERS REQUESTING UPFRONT FEES FOR SO-CALLED “MASS … Read more

Mass Joinder Mortgage Litigation Secret Shopper Call Transcript. Not Good.

Last week I made a secret shopper call to one of the companies that are advertising for mass joinder plaintiffs. My concern with the mass joinder mortgage litigation marketing is that the massive commissions being paid are going to lead to marketing abuses. In this call the marketing representative shared some interesting information. They told … Read more