Recently Retired from Military and in a Big Debt Hole From Job Loss. – Matt

“Dear Steve, I am recently military retiree (Jun 2012) who was making around $135K, upon retirement and losing my civilian job a few months ago I found myself in a real hole living off about 40% of $135K or about $48K and a small teaching job of $900 per month. TO make a long story …

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How Do They Calculate Your Chapter 13 Payment in Florida? – Bart

“Dear Lewis, 60,000 in credit card dept, mortage is up to date,wages have gone down for both my wife and me. credit cards for two years used for food and gas after saving were gone in chapter 13 how do they figure your disposable income (fl) that you will pay creditors, and how can i …

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The Bankruptcy Means Test and Limits are Not Fair. – Colette

“Dear Steve, Family of 4, one income family with debt that we want to clear up Filed chapter 13 Nov. 17th. We are a 4 person household with one person working. We have no problem paying our debt back but the monthly amount is so high that we are trying to figure out how to …

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