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Why Are My Accounts in My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Reported Delinquent?

Payment History Definition

Question: Dear Steve, I filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and it was discharged in 2014. My mortgage was included in this. My question is whether or not my mortgage company can report my mortgage as being late 30, 60 even 90 to 120 days late while in active bankruptcy in 2010, 2011 and 2012? Thanks. Donald Answer: Dear Donald, It ... Read More »

    Different Options for Debt Relief – Finding the Right Solution

    Check This Out_pri

    Imagine you were sick. Really sick. Sick enough to go to a doctor or even a hospital. Perhaps you even looked up your symptoms on the Internet, visited WebMD, did a ton of internet research and were convinced that you needed a professional to help you get better – or things could get much, much worse. You have a big ... Read More »

      My Co-Signer Went Bankrupt and NCO Financial is Collecting on My Student Loan

      time and money

      “Dear Steve, My private student loan defaulted because my co-signer filed for Chapter 13. It was in good standing as of 20 days ago and now it’s in collections with NCO Financial Systems overnight. Lender bounces me off to Collections. If I talk to them they have an assigned agent to my case who states that this is still in ... Read More »

        Will Our Second Mortgage Vanish After Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? – Lisa

        Mature woman confused

        “Dear Steve, My husband and I filed a CH13 in efforts to save our home. 2nd mortgage was stripped and court. 4 months into bankruptcy, trustee felt we could pay 100% of debt which we would be paying a lot more than what we were originally paying overall. We pulled out of BK and got a modification for our home. ... Read More »

          Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Has Been a Nightmare. – Holly


          “Dear Steve, My husband and I are in the middle of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy that has been a disaster from the very beginning. We were told we could only file 13 because of an appraisal on our house, a piece of property we were left from an inheritance along with several other family members (that we don’t want but ... Read More »

            Everything You Always Wanted and Needed to Know About Bankruptcy


            Below is my growing list of bankruptcy resources and links. If there is something that’s not addressed in one of those articles, guides, then feel free to ask me your question. Bankruptcy Articles and Posts You Must Read Click Here to Find a Bankruptcy Attorney in Your Area To get ready to read the information below with the right frame ... Read More »

              My Husband Caught MRSA and Now We Are Filing Bankruptcy. – Page

              Cure the disease

              “Dear Steve, My husband is 66 and I am 57. My husband lost his job soon after we bought our house in 2009. He is now on social security and was working part time until he became ill and has been in and out of the hospital ( 4 times) since October 2012. He is much better but contracted MRSA ... Read More »

                Recently Divorced and Struggling With Debt. What Should I Do? – Kelli

                Mature woman confused

                “Dear Steve, Recently divorced and left with about $40,000 in credit card debt due to helping my ex-husband start his now lucrative company. I’m not bitter! I am drowning here now, however. It’s about ten credit cards with APRs spanning from 14% all the way up to 29.9%. I can only barely afford the minimum payments and realize that every ... Read More »

                  How to Find a Great Bankruptcy Attorney

                  Be my bankruptcy superhero and take the time to find the best bankruptcy attrorney for you.

                  I’ve written a number of guides about all sorts of debt related issues but for some reason I’ve never written one about how to find a great bankruptcy attorney. So here goes. Having lived through bankruptcy myself I am very familiar with what I felt when searching for a bankruptcy attorney. It’s bad enough suffering in silence with debt but ... Read More »

                    We Filed Chapter 13 to Save Our House But Can’t Keep Up With Payments. – Jennifer

                    Drowning swimmer

                    “Dear Steve, My husband filed chapter 13 in Dec 2012 to save our home and we just cannot make the large payments….most of the bankruptcy payment is the house debt. Chase says we now owe $286k and our home is only valued and purchased at $254k. Should we surrender in chapter 13 we are 2 months behind now again? Our ... Read More »

                      Can I Get a New Credit Card While in My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. – Rich

                      Woman Whispers a Secret

                      “Dear Steve, I am paying regularly on a Chap 13 plan and I’m about 2 years in out of 5. I have always been on time with this payment, my mortgages and cars. I have no other outstanding debts. I did accept a very low limit credit card just to use and then pay off every month. How do you ... Read More »

                        Why Do People Think Bankruptcy Gives You a Fresh Start? – Jeronell

                        Bankruptcy Road Sign

                        “Dear Steve, Separated from my husband. we filed bankrupt separately because we lived at different addresses. he filed a chapter 7 and was done i filed a chapter 13 supposively because of income and it has been a nightmare. I was left with the responsiblity of paying all the bills. we surrendered our house in the bankrupt. i had two ... Read More »

                          Can We End Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Early? – Art

                          Bankruptcy Road Sign

                          “Dear Steve, we thought we had a good modification only to find out 2 and half yrs later it wasnt…so we filed ch 13….since filing we obtained a good modification, signed agreed and going well…we also have pd off our vehicle loan through this ch 13…..believe debt left is some very small medical bills…seems we could benefit more now by ... Read More »

                            I Want to Give My House and Car Back and File a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? – Sasha


                            “Dear Steve, Lost my job a few years back. Got behind on my mortgage & my already high interest car payment. Filed Ch. 13 in 2011 after starting another job that wasn’t paying a lot. Now I’m working making better money but I don’t have a lot of money left after paying my bankruptcy payment. Can I file a Ch.7 ... Read More »

                              How to Know if You Should File Bankruptcy


                              If you are in financial trouble and struggling to make payments, tapped out, you’ve spent down savings, or living month-to-month, then bankruptcy is worth a good hard look. Below you will find a number of links to posts, articles, and calculators to help educate you about the realities of bankruptcy. Many people carry a lot of baggage around about what ... Read More »

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