My Dead Husband Molested Our Daughter and Left Me With a Mortgage in His Name

Question: Dear Steve, I will try to consolidate the story… The house I live in was purchased in my deceased husband’s name only. After 12 years of marriage, you would think you know someone but I found out at the beginning of 2016 that he had molested our daughter at which time he was removed … Read more

How to Seriously Reduce Your Mortgage During a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

New Jersey bankruptcy attorney Edward Hanratty sent in the following guest post. It is an interesting approach to reducing mortgage debt using bankruptcy. This is an example of a bankruptcy client who thought there was a problem with her mortgage and property taxes, and she was right. After some litigation I sent her the following … Read more

Memphis City Council Questions Why They Keep People in Debt

Last month, ProPublica published a deep examination of how struggling black Americans are much less likely to gain lasting relief from bankruptcy than their white peers. The story focused on Memphis, where the racial gaps in the system are starker than anywhere else in the country. Memphis also has the nation’s highest per capita bankruptcy … Read more

Turns Out Equifax Was Punishing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filers

For what appears to be decades, the credit rating agency Equifax has quietly layered three more years of tarnish on the credit histories of hundreds of thousands of people who had filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 13. While its competitors, TransUnion and Experian, placed a flag on such histories for seven years, Equifax left it … Read more

Black People in the South Unfairly Get Less Relief in Bankruptcy

Paul Kiel, a reporter, sent me an email and described his latest article which is fascinating in a bankruptcy kind of way. I can attest having observed similar trends anecdotally for decades but his hard work and documentation makes this far too real. You can read the story How the Bankruptcy System Is Failing Black … Read more

My Home Equity Lender is Still Trying to Collect After My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Joe

Question: Dear Steve, We filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy September of 2009. The plan was confirmed on January 2010 and ultimately discharged January 2015. Included in the bankruptcy was a home equity line of credit that was deemed unsecured. The creditor has been reporting late 90 days plus every month right through to the current … Read more

We are in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Can’t Afford the Payments Anymore – Alexandra

Question: Dear Steve, My husband and I are currently in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy (one year in). The attorney we got basically aimed to do things quick and easy and our payment is honestly killing us. I’ve had to stop re-filling my epilepsy medication because I can’t afford it! My husband has suffered health issues … Read more

Why Are My Accounts in My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Reported Delinquent?

Question: Dear Steve, I filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and it was discharged in 2014. My mortgage was included in this. My question is whether or not my mortgage company can report my mortgage as being late 30, 60 even 90 to 120 days late while in active bankruptcy in 2010, 2011 and 2012? Thanks. … Read more

My Co-Signer Went Bankrupt and NCO Financial is Collecting on My Student Loan

“Dear Steve, My private student loan defaulted because my co-signer filed for Chapter 13. It was in good standing as of 20 days ago and now it’s in collections with NCO Financial Systems overnight. Lender bounces me off to Collections. If I talk to them they have an assigned agent to my case who states … Read more

Will Our Second Mortgage Vanish After Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? – Lisa

“Dear Steve, My husband and I filed a CH13 in efforts to save our home. 2nd mortgage was stripped and court. 4 months into bankruptcy, trustee felt we could pay 100% of debt which we would be paying a lot more than what we were originally paying overall. We pulled out of BK and got … Read more

Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Has Been a Nightmare. – Holly

“Dear Steve, My husband and I are in the middle of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy that has been a disaster from the very beginning. We were told we could only file 13 because of an appraisal on our house, a piece of property we were left from an inheritance along with several other family members … Read more