The Bank Can’t Find My Mortgage After My Bankruptcy. – Bernice

“Dear Steve, I have filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2012 and was discharged from all unsecured debt in June of that year. I have been paying all secured debt which includes a mortgage, a line of equity (no longer useable), and a car note as well as my utilties, insurance payments, etc. All of … Read more

Our Mortgage Was Previously Discharged in Bankruptcy But We Still Live There. – Jennifer

“Dear Steve, We filed Chapter 7 in Colorado and it was discharged in October 2005. We had two houses – a rental that was foreclosed on at that time, and our primary residence – we were current on payments and have continued to make payments since and still live in the home. The house, though, … Read more

I Am Physically Sick Over My Debt. – Lynn

“Dear Steve, severly in debt around 50000 not including mortage. Behind on all but mortgage. Talked to lawyer,says I won’t lose the house but I am having a hard time believing it. I don;t live in it, my parents do. they help pay what they can, its not a rental. Can;t find any alternative, was … Read more