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Hardship Assistance Center Mailer – Total and Utter Bullshit

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A reader and tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the form below and was frankly, pissed by the marketers. The consumer said: “My wife has received two if these notices. Both were the same, with the tri-fold and tear edges like bank or government mail. Neither say anything about advertising. Both claim we are 27,089 dollars in debt. ... Read More »

    AVOID – Notice of Resolution Benefits Mailer

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    A wonderful reader sent in a copy of a mailer they recently received that is labeled as a NOTICE OF RESOLUTION BENEFITS. The reader says when they called the number on the mailer, 866-417-0597, the company that answered identified themselves as J & D Associates. Our dear reader was perplexed why they got this mailer to begin with since their ... Read More »

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