My FFEL Loans Were Garnished by Ascendium and I Could Not Get PSLF Forgiveness

Question: Dear Steve, I am a Federal Family Education Loan recipient. I had a 63,000 loan in the nineties and consolidated it. I went into default, and Ascendium Education Group garnished my wages at the public defender’s office for 12 years. I worked there for 14 years. They garnished over $180,000. I recently received a …

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I Was Told I Was Eligible for PSLF and Then Told I Wasn’t. Help!

Question: Dear Steve, I am a teacher/counselor who went to college as a non-trad mother of two. I graduated in 1998 and secured a position as a counselor in FL with a debt of $35,000. I could not afford student loans with two boys and no child support, so I did forbearances, but then they …

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