Public Service Loan Forgiveness Gets Big Boost Towards Delivering Promises

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness federal student loan forgiveness program was designed to attract good people into lower-paying fields that serve the public good. These fields include teachers, firefighters, law enforcement, military, low-income medical care, etc. While President Bush created the program, it was all but murdered under President Trump. As a result, people that … Read more

My FFEL Loans Were Garnished by Ascendium and I Could Not Get PSLF Forgiveness

Question: Dear Steve, I am a Federal Family Education Loan recipient. I had a 63,000 loan in the nineties and consolidated it. I went into default, and Ascendium Education Group garnished my wages at the public defender’s office for 12 years. I worked there for 14 years. They garnished over $180,000. I recently received a … Read more