Big Adjustments to PSLF and FFEL Forgiveness. Pay Attention or Lose Out.

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In April 2022, the Department announced one-time improvements to address historical inaccuracies in the count of payments that qualify toward forgiveness under IDR and practices by loan servicers to put borrowers into forbearance in violation of Department rules. As a result of these past failures, borrowers who were in repayment for 20 or 25 years or …

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My FFEL Loans Were Garnished by Ascendium and I Could Not Get PSLF Forgiveness

Question: Dear Steve, I am a Federal Family Education Loan recipient. I had a 63,000 loan in the nineties and consolidated it. I went into default, and Ascendium Education Group garnished my wages at the public defender’s office for 12 years. I worked there for 14 years. They garnished over $180,000. I recently received a …

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Department of Ed FFEL Joint Consolidation Rules Arbitrary & Punitive

Not that long ago I wrote an article, “This is One Way to Get FFEL Spousal Consolidation Loans Forgiven” in which a reader was looking for a way to deal with her previous FFEL spousal joint consolidation loan with her ex-husband. She wanted to move forward in a positive way in dealing with her student …

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This is One Way to Get FFEL Spousal Consolidation Loans Forgiven

“Dear Steve, I have been a government employee and/or public servant since 1991. I am now 45 and I hope to retire by age 72. In or around 2002, I consolidated my law school student loans with my then husband into both a FFEL subsidized and unsubsidized loan. The total amount consolidated was roughly $42,000. …

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The Ultimate Guide to Dealing With Student Loans You Can’t Afford

More and more student loans are becoming the most problematic debt anyone can own. At some point in the past couple of decade student loans when from a leg up to financial slavery. There is a lot of information out there about how to deal with troublesome student loan debt and payments. But I thought …

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How Can We Lower Our FFEL Student Loan Payment? – Holli

“Dear Steve, My husband and I graduated from college in 1998 and 1999 and then got master’s degrees in 2004 and 2005. We have FFEL loans that have been consolidated into one loan/payment and the total of these loans (after years of deferments/forbearances) is a little over $131,000. Our monthly payment is 880.00 right now. …

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