Education Corporation of America – Inside Scoop on Why the Schools Closed So Suddenly

With the sudden closure of Education Corporation of America for-profit schools, a lot of students and faculty are very upset about the sudden notice of closure. A court filing by the Receiver details how the school had to pull the plug. You can read the saga below. Keep in mind that while the actual closure … Read more

Education Corporation of America Employees Are Pissed Off After Getting Pissed On

The for-profit college chain, Education Corporation of America (ECA), that went bust last week appears to have now not only abandoned their 19,000 students, but also the ECA employees. Class action lawsuits by employees of ECA are hitting the courts. In this one and this one. The allegations by ECA employees are the schools dropped … Read more

Virginia College and Brightwood College Student Believed the Hype and Got Screwed by Education Corporation of America

You know who I feel the sorriest for with the failure of Education Corporation of America (ECA) and their for-profit schools; the instructors and staff. These are basically good people who believed the hype in the exhaustive marketing the schools put out to attract new students. Even when ECA saw their enrollment declining, marketing costs … Read more

Education Corporation of America, Virginia College, and Brightwood College Turn Out the Lights

I just received a comment from an awesome reader that said, “Just got reports (from several campuses) that ECA has decided to close down all schools (teach out and go forward) effective immediately. Apparently, ACICS pulled their accreditation. Current employees are being let go immediately with no severance or insurance after Friday, 12/7. Don’t know … Read more

Education Corporation of America and Virginia College Were Already Planning to Close 25+ Schools and Offer Students Refunds

VC Macon sued Virginia College and Education Corporation of America. VC Macon is the landlord of Virginia College and Education Corporation of America. They accuse the Defendants of defrauding the United States Government and Department of Education. Interestingly, while Education Corporation of America had about 400 students fill out testimonials to support their desire to … Read more

Education Corporation of America Now Run by Court Appointed Receiver

Education Corporation of America got their wish of out of control disaster. The company owns Virginia College and New England Business and Finance and tried to be tricky to maintain access to federal student loan money by filing an action in federal court asking that a court-appointed receiver be appointed rather than just closing. Talk … Read more

Education Corporation of America Whines Over Failure

Education Corporation of America (ECA), Virginia College, and New England College of Business and Finance filed suit against the Department of Education claiming Obama administration actions had unfairly cut off their access to easy federal student loan money and that is causing them to go under. Now you would think that the New England College … Read more