Direct Buy Gets a Heart and Learns to Care About Consumers

For a long time I’ve written stories about Direct Buy and the unreasonable behavior the old version of the DirectBuy company had. You can see past stories here.

But following a recent story I heard from Dylan Astle, VP of Member Experience at Direct Buy. From conversations with Dylan I’m happy to give Direct Buy a second chance and a shot of being heroes instead of zeroes in consumer disadvantaged situations.

Dylan said, “We want our members to know that they are our biggest priority. If any member is facing an issue or has a concern, we want to hear from them. Please direct them to our Member Care team at (855) 871-7788 where our teams will work to find a resolution and achieve the customer’s greatest satisfaction.

We’ve made a lot changes at DirectBuy to better service and satisfy our members and we plan on continuing to do so.”

Here is a video from the Direct Buy CEO who falls on the sword and says they heard the bad feedback.

Dylan went on to describe the Direct Buy new approach to customer service. He said they want “members to understand our new approach to customer service. It’s become everything to us. We know that without our customers, we’re nothing.”

In the past some of the franchises were horrible and when local stores closed, consumers were left abandoned with expensive memberships and no real access to services. But Direct Buy has been converting consumers to solutions that are not dependent on that horrible local only model.

Not only has Direct Buy added more online ordering assistance through their Concierge Shopping team but they can now send an interior designer directly to members’ home to help them.

The folks at DirectBuy have put together the following videos and let’s hope they’ve turned their model around to no longer trap consumers in horrible agreements.

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Fingers crossed, this marks a great new start for Direct Buy.

If you have a good or bad customer service experience with Direct Buy, please post it in the comments section below.

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6 thoughts on “Direct Buy Gets a Heart and Learns to Care About Consumers”

  1. My husband & I are seniors & a year ago were talked into the Direct Buy Travel, for $1098.00 I would receive a 7 day all inclusive (limited places & months I could go & a 3 day cruise. Over the last few months my husband has had 2 heart attacks & we will not be traveling for quite awhile. I called to cancel the reservation for the 7 day trip & I requested a refund on the $1098.00 I paid. They are giving me the run around & I feel I really dont have time for this as I need to look after my husband.

  2. I have been a member since 2002 and I am currently a member. I recently had a horrible experience with your savings of guarantee in which I found an item that was supposed to be 20% less than what I found online. However DirectBuy wanted me to pay $50 more than I found it online.
    I requested a supervisor to intervene and they also agreed that I should pay $50 more. I am seeking a way to contact Mr Dylan Astle to see if he backs up what he says and also has written as a guarantee.

  3. I am an unfortunate member who paid thousands for a membership in which I received 0 benefit. Now they are selling memberships for $39.95 a month and I am going to be expected to continue to pay to be a member even though I was completely swindled by this company. I am just disgusted by the whole experience and BTW when they add back their fee and shipping you can usually find the item online for less money and not have to wait for months to receive your goods.

    • Cynthia, can I pass on your email address (which I can see) to my new contact at DirectBuy and let’s see what resolution they can help you with? They are promising a new approach and it would be nice to test them out.

    • Unfortunately they are still unwilling to stop.
      DON’T DEAL WITH DIRECT BUY you’re better off burning your money!


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